Wink Beds Reviews 2020


We are evaluating a new hybrid mattress produced by WinkBed. It is a young New York company founded in 2015. With a luxurious mattress that offers consumers five unique features and a wide range of benefits. The Mattress is highly comparable to Leesa mattress.

WinkBeds is every bit of high quality and attractive as it is affordable. With its unique five-story comfort and top of the line European pillow topper, this hybrid mattress is rapidly becoming the mattress of choice for consumers.

It offers a durable, body-friendly and comfortable beds at a reasonable price. 

Who will like the WinkBeds

If you need some unique features of the foam mattress, but you are a soul-spring person – with a top-level hypersoft / gel foam, you will get some foam support and silhouette but still, have the general feeling of spring.

✤ Need a simple purchase and delivery process – WinkBeds is only available online and is ready for you at your doorstep.

✤ Shopping online – You can buy things online, so for some mattresses is no exception. They have a 101 night trial period so that you can return it.

✤ Want a good bed – Spring mattress in this department is just better.

✤ You and your spouse are massive – Not exclusive to heavy people, but if you fall into this category, you want to choose a standard mattress to support you. This bed will do the trick.

✤ You love a very expensive mattress – This may not be your perfect body (no cushion for everyone), but this specification is worth it at $ 2,500(Approx) in a regular retail store.

Who may not love WinkBeds?

 Want the feeling of foam – The mattress does have a layer of foam, but it still has the sense of spring mattress. If you are looking for a feel of pure foam, you will not find it here.

✤ Need to try the mattress in advance – You can only buy this bed online. If you want to lay your first buy something, try your local mattress store.

✤ Social Evidence – WinkBeds is a relatively new company in the world of mattresses and, of course, there are no brands or thousands of reviews like Simmons or Sealy.

Although the specs look good on the bed, you can not understand the mattress performance for more than ten years.

✤ Organic / Natural is Your Driving Factor – WinkBeds Foam is all CertiPUR certified, which means no toxic chemicals are used in production (at this point).

However, it is not 100% organic, so it does not meet the eco-friendly criteria (by the way, mattresses are rare and therefore very expensive). Made in the USA, it reduces emissions from shipping and retail stores.

Basic Fabrication Of WinkBeds

The WinkBeds mattress is a 15 “coiled-coil bed made up of 5 different layers Coil coils are high-quality construction techniques for coils or other hybrid cushions that provide maximum support, comfort and long-term Durability.

✤ Cover – Cover contains TENCEL, which is an eco-friendly, plant-based material. Tencel is very soft; I know it is very breathable. The sheet also includes a layer of memory foam quilted as a pillow top.

✤ Continental Pillow Top Foam Layer – The first layer of the WinkBeds mattress is a 2-inch pillow-style super soft and gel memory foam combination. The ultra-soft foam is designed to provide pressure while the gel foam underneath shapes the contours of your body and helps with exercise transfer.

✤ Foam-wrapped Bagged Coil – This is a 2.5 “coil layer that supports the upper foam layer. These coils improve the flow of air through the mattress to prevent the sleeper from overheating. In combination with the top foam layer, this structure. It feels as if you are sleeping in the cloud.

✤ Edge Support – The mattress is wrapped in HDPE foam, allowing you to sleep close to the bed without causing compression. It also adds some durable cushion.

✤ Waist Support – This is a 1″ pad designed to increase support for the waist.

✤ Bagged Coil – This is the support layer, which consists of individually wrapped bagged coils. Winding the coils allows them to fit the body better.

The reel also provides airflow through the mattress. It helps temperature regulation. One-third of the center of the bed has stronger coils to support the usually more massive body parts.

✤ Support Foam – This layer serves as a foundation for the mattress support. Not only does the support coil be at the top of the segment, but it also provides the shape of the mattress and provides some durability to the overall structure.

Firmness of WinkBeds

WinkBeds has only one standard, sturdy option, medium-sized companies that, according to our research, can serve nearly 85% of all WinkBed customers.

However, the company does make custom-made mattresses with extra firmness or extra softness, depending on the customer’s requirements.

WinkBeds Motion Transfer and Sinkage capability

WinkBeds easily absorbs movement, which means that your partner moves with almost no disruption. Depending on the sleeping position and sitting or standing position, the mattress shows some degree of sinking, ranging from 1 inch to 5 inches.

However, most sinking problems are the result of comfortable foam on the sleeping surface. Overall, WinkBeds subsidence results are somewhat impressive, in part because the coils of the coil system enhance the edge support for sleep and sitting.

The movement is much more than seen in a typical foam or memory foam mattress, although it is not over-emphasized and not so bad, primarily because the top foamy sleep surface helps to minimize movement.

Warranty and Service:

As mentioned above, a significant feature of WinkBeds is the white glove to your door. Also, the mattress is custom-made, which means it’s not just sitting in a warehouse waiting to be shipped. It means it takes about 7-10 days to reach your doorstep.

Other customer services and warranty details include:

✤ 101-night sleep trial

✤ Ten-year warranty

✤ Made in the United States

✤ Custom made

✤ Free shipping and white gloves delivery.

Different Size Price Of WinkBeds

WinkBeds offers reasonably low priced mattress. It contains quality materials used in the construction delivered on beds and white gloves. WinkBeds sells for $ 1,299 (Approx), which is a reasonable price because the mattress made from the finest materials and structures. Plus you can save $ 50(Approx) with their code MFT50 on their website!

  • Size              Price (Approx)
  • Twin            $649
  • Twin XL       $799
  • Full              $999
  • Queen         $1299
  • King             $1499
  • Cal King      $1548


WinkBeds is a unique and outstanding hybrid spring/foam mattress and one of our favorites of this genre. The quality materials used in the design and construction of WinkBeds. 

The stylish design provides excellent comfort and support for all sleeping positions. It is also offering a good bounce.

WinkBeds is a good mattress for heavier sleepers due to its 15″ thick structure and multiplayer support. Lower sinking and good edge support also added high scores.

We like the entire WinkBeds, a favorite of the coil/foam mattresses we’ve tested so far.

In fact, it does not pack in a box and includes white glove delivery to make it stand out from the competition.

In short, WinkBeds is an excellent choice with reasonable price.

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