Type of Memory foam mattress


Before discussing the best types of Memory foam mattress, we have to know about the memory foam. Memory foam is a multi layer or chamber foam mattress. The memory foam mattress is very famous nowadays for its qualities and highly technological facilities.

The mattress has accurate firmness, density, and layer. Everyone should do a little study before buying Memory foam mattress for its high price and what type will prefer for your body or back. Read our buyer guide about memory foam mattress.

The price of a memory foam mattress is high because of its quality, legibility, technology and high-cost mattress. For this reason, it is very important to know more about the mattress and its types. Which one is perfect for you? 

People have the different test and choose which also mattress companies keep in mind, and they are also making different types of mattress. 

There are three types of memory foam mattress. Let’s make a discussion about the topic I have chosen.

1. Traditional Memory Foam


The traditional memory foam mattress first introduced in the 1990s for some reason. The main reason was to increase the blood circulation, reduce the joint pain & back pain. And also for deep sleep which makes life healthier. 

The first memory foam mattress is spring mattress which is a good mattress for sleep and then the mattress is famous day after day. The spring mattress is wonderful to reduce your full day stress and absorbing the pain from joint.

  • The mattress is anti-microbial, which helps to reduce your allergy problem & asthma.
  • Reduce dust mites and other bugs which also help the healthier sleeping environment.

2. AirCool Memory Foam


The AirCool Memory Foam is Comforpedic Advanced rest which is 9.5″ height and 1″ TruTemp gel in the AirCool memory foam Mattress. The technology TruTemp used for absorbing excellent body heat and it releases the heat from the body when the sleeper moves. This new technology allows 2.8 more times than any other brand to heat dissipation.

Compare to the any another brand AirCool memory foam mattress gives its firmness; It is Comforpedic mattress made of two Independent Support Technology. The layer of the foam also has sculpted cushion which is very helpful to relieve the body pressure and massive weight support.

  • The AirCool mattress also flows air at all times of the bed which work for the ventilation.
  • This mattress is best for Stomach Sleepersside sleepersback sleepers for feeling first sleep.
  • Aircool memory foam is very responsive than traditional memory foam mattress, eliminating that sounds seeming dislike. The authority of the Aircool memory foam mattress maker always says it is more comfortable than old one.
  • The new technologies open cell structure of Aircool provides the fresh air flow which reduces the heat in body & amp; saves you from back pain. Those who are always want to get higher comfort, soft bed, more elastic, more plant Aircool is the best.

3. Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Gel memory foam mattress also calls as Visco foam mattress; this bed is entirely different from the traditional memory foam mattress or spring mattress. This bed also reduces the heat and temperature of your body and release the heat when you move one side to another.

  • Gel foam is anti-microbial that is helpful for allergies & asthma.
  • Cool get is a sort of foam also used in the sports equipment or shoe inserts.
  • Doctors prescribe for those are severe aches and pain in back or joint.

Get foam mattress is one of the most flawless cushions over the time and better than traditional foam memory mattress. Mattress highly recommend for those who prefer little scale rating comfort, get early rising and better for back pain or joint pain.

As I already told earlier, the memory mattress is little costly and very good for health. So it is very important to know more about the types of the memory foam mattress. Check our other Latex and memory foam mattress guide.

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