Tuft and Needle Mint Mattress Review 2020


Tuft & Needle mattress company invented a new premium mattress. The mattress is nearly like to see Tuft & Needle mattress but it has some unique features. The mattress is so soft and enjoyable for sleepers and also transition layer. The mattress very famous it supports, cooling sleep and pressure relief. This group is indeed an intuitive company in how to market and adjust mattresses based on customer research.

Tuft & Needle tested by CertiPUR-US, GreenGuard, OEKO-TEX®– all is safe & hygienic chemical testing company those are certified Tuft & Needle as an organic or natural mattress company.

They are the only online company at such a low price point (the queen is only $600 Approx.), so we are very interested in getting started. We think the company has done a lot of work on product development and has made good mattresses for this price. Overall, we think this is a great mattress, but not for everyone.

Reason behind love the Tuft and Needle Mint mattress

Need an Affordable Mattress: Tuft & Needle has created their mattress and shipped directly from the factory to your doorstep, eliminating many of the consumer’s expenses. This model has recently become popular. But even among another online rival of Tuft & Needle is also significantly cheaper.

Tuft and Needle Mattress Toxic: Researchers admit that the mattress is non-toxic which is made of petroleum and certified by CertiPUR-US®.

Like Bounce of Memory Foam Mattresses: This mattress is made from a proprietary foam but feels more latex than memory foam. This means you get the comfort/support trade-off, but you do not sink and jam like a traditional memory foam mattress.

You like a firm mattress: Tufts and needles are firm compared to other online mattress options. This is not very firm, but the vast majority of sleepers are obvious.

Do not want ruffles: The Tufts and needles are an outstanding sleeping experience, but it does not have all the gaudy like luxury options. With a bunch and needles, every dollar goes into the core mattress quality.

Do not like to sleep hot: Unlike many foam mattresses, a bunch and needles are not warm for me to sleep.

The company is much longer than any other online mattress company, so it has a lot of comments – in fact, it is the number one mattress in the Amazon. So, if other consumer reviews are an essential part of your shopping experience, Tuft and Needle can provide it.

Why you don’t Like Tuft and Needle Mattress

Want a real luxury mattress: The t & n is a perfect mattress but aiming for a low price. If you’re going to pay more, there are other better options.

You prefer a spring mattress: The mattress is a very high rating, but that does not mean it will turn you into a foam mattress lover. If you like spring mattresses, you can choose spring mattresses (it seems obvious, but apparently not many of my readers).

Like soft/plush feelings: The mattress is the tougher side, with no trace of the plush / soft / pillow feel of some people.

You want to try a mattress before you buy: Mattresses are only sold online (note: if you’re in Phoenix they have a showcase), so they should not lie in bed before buying. They do provide a 100-day full refund, but if you do not like it, then there is no financial risk.

Construction of Tuft and Needle Mint Mattress

Tufting and needle mattresses are a simple structure of two foam layers used to create a general feeling that can appeal to a wide variety of sleep preferences. When I first saw the mattress, I noticed that the mattress’s feel was severely affected by the comfort layer made of tuft & needle’s proprietary foam.

Tuft and Needle mattress cover – the cover is a flexible polyester / tactel blend. Its design is thin, allowing air to flow through the mattress and help with temperature regulation. Tactel is used as a cotton substitute and can be found in many garments. As a material, tactel dries much faster than cotton, so this will further help with the temperature regulation of the mattress.

Comfort layer – the comfort layer of the mattress makes a 3-inch tuft & needle proprietary foam, 2.9 pt density polyurethane foam. This thickness of the mattress provides relief from stress and gives you an overall feeling of lying on the tufted needles. This layer of foam responds very quickly to stress, offers good elasticity to the mattress and ensures that you do not get stuck while lying down.

Base – next to the comfort layer is the base, made of 7-inch polyethylene foam with a density of 1.8 pounds. This is the primary support for the mattress, giving the structure durability and shape.


The mattress is firmer than average (i put it on 7.5 / ten firmness) so be sure to meet your preferences when ordering (see the related article for finding the best mattress). I like a medium-hard mattress and found support to be one of the best mattresses I’ve ever tried. The mattress is comfortable, but not as feels like the plush cotton candy.


Tufts and needles have a minimal amount of movement, much like latex mattresses. If you sleep with a partner, the mattress will be better for you than a box spring mattress, and the mattress usually shows a lot of movement.


Corner view of the tuft & needle mattress

  • Sleep trial: tuft & needle offers a 100 night trial period.
  • Warranty: this mattress carries a ten-year warranty.
  • Shipping: shipping is free to the united states, and the mattress will arrive compressed in a box.



Convinced tuft & needle is the right mattress for you? Click here to check them out on Amazon!


I think at this price there is no better mattress than tufts and needles. Once you think about the price point of a mattress, it’s easier to evaluate a bunch and a needle mattress than other alternatives. If you are willing to spend more money, then there is a better choice. But if you are at the bottom of the mattress’s budget range then you know what else I think it makes no sense (see all the comments on our site).

I also really like companies. They are so transparent that you should support an honest company (especially compared to the traditional mattress brand) and feel good about it. I hope you like my review of tufting and needle mattresses.

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