Spindle Mattress Review 2020


Spindle mattress is a Latex foam mattress. The mattress highly constructs with Pour Dunlop Natural Latex. Latex is one of the most renowned mattresses in the USA. People are very much pleased with Spindle mattress quality & company services. According to the Home Tips Coach, the mattress is 8.6 / Out Of 10.

We are very excited to review the spindle mattress because it is the cheapest natural latex mattress we have considered.

Overall, the mattress impressed us, but there are some complaints. We think the ability to rearrange the layers is very fresh and unique, and it gives you the chance to maximize the level of firmness of your mattress. The mattress will also be very durable so it will last a long time. Read the Spindle mattress review bellow-

Like Spindle Mattress if:

  • Want all Natural Mattress: The main spindle mattress is 100% natural, which is unique in the mattress industry.
  • Customizable mattress: When you ready to buy Spindle mattress the team asks you about your weight, height & the habit of the sleeping position. The sales team also help you to guide you best recommended mattress that actually fit your body.
  • Husbands vs Wife Sleeping Position: If your sleeping position does not match with your sleeping partner I think don’t worry. In this situation, I recommend you the medium firm mattress which will give you both fresh and sound sleep on the Spindle mattress.
  • Foam Layer Boxes: When you buy a spindle bed the company provide you different foam layer boxes which you can use on how much firmness you want or fit for your spine pain or back. You may also get a instruction or manual from the spindle mattress to set the bed according to your choice.
  • Want Great Value: Although the spindle is still more expensive than many one-box options, it is the cheapest all-natural mattress we have reviewed, and in our opinion, it’s an incredible mattress price
  • To Choice the Firmness: You can rearrange the spindle mattress layer to adjust the firmness easily.
  • Want a Better Foam Feel: Latex Mattresses have a similar comfort/support trade-off memory foam, but they do not feel “stuck in bed,” and some people remember the foam.

Dislike Spindle Bed if:

  • Do not Want to Assemble: The spindle has three separate boxes that have to assemble. This is a simple process, but more work than a regular mattress.
  • The Feeling of Memory Foam: the spindle is all foam but has a different feel than the traditional memory foam mattress (think Tempurpedic).

Spindle Natural Latex Mattress Construction 

As you know already, Spindle is an all-natural latex. At this price, it is difficult to see the all-natural mattress, so we are very impressed.

Latex is a good sleeping surface because it feels like a memory foam (regardingsupport and comfort), but the foam also has more “springs” so you do not feel sunk.

In general, it slept much more than the memory foam. The spindle imports its latex (mainly from Guatemala) and gets their wool and organic cotton from the United States. They did disclose the latex’s ILD, but at their site urged only to consider it when comparing latex mattresses. They also have Oeko-Tex 100-I (the most stringent standard) latex certification.

The overall spindle is a very transparent material, apparently taking the extra production of a very natural mattress.

Spindle Mattress – Other Things To Consider

  • Spindle offers a ten years warranty and 25 years healthy living program.
  • They also make mattresses and buy latex and fabrics directly from the source.
  • Spindle occasionally sell – but they have a 60-day price guarantee, and they will refund the difference if the price drops.
  • They are the United States based company.

Spindle Mattress Specifications-

OffgassingFirmness LevelTrial PeriodWarranty
We Experienced None5365daysComfort Adjustment10 Year Limited
Organic Cotton Cover½ inchN/A
ContinuousPour Dunlop Natural Latex3 inches17.5-20.5 lbs.
Continuous Pour Dunlop Natural Latex3 inches17.5- 20.5 lbs
Continuous Pour Dunlop Natural Latex3 inches29.5- 32.5 lbs

Mattress Assembly

The spindle mattress will reach three boxes. The layers are a little bit involved, but as you can see the uni-formation is easy.

This process is more complicated than a regular mattress, but overall it’s easy to manage (might need help if you can not move quickly).

After the initial assembly, we finally adjusted the layers to align the edges correctly, but overall the mattress feels good and ready to sleep from the outside.

Firmness Adjustment

By changing the order of the latex layers, which you can sometimes reverse and also can adjust the firmness of the mattress. We have a medium business setting. If you want different backgrounds, we suggest you follow the instructions on the spindle mattress website.

Motion Transfer

The spindle mattress is all foam, as we expect it to perform well in mattress transfer tests. And yes, It performs beyond our expectations.

Edge support

When you invest in mattresses made entirely of foam or latex, there is usually a lack of edge support, which can cause problems if you sit by the bed. Many people refute this aspect.

After all, you are likely to spend most of your time sleeping. However, do not overlook the moments that rely on the edge of the mattress. For our part, our hands filled our daily routine, and our computers sat down to pay our bills. When we were sitting on the edge, our hands almost fell off.

Our Experience

We put the mattress in a medium firm position. We choose this because we are mainly side sleepers, so in general, this is a good start.

The mattress is almost perfect around us, the back and stomach are also comfortable. The first night, due to the slight dislocation of the layers, there are some blocks on the edges, but we can unzip and line them up after a few tries.

There is a big event of a latex mattress that bounces back and has a lot of spindles (see General latex complaint). We like this feeling, it can quickly move around and leave the bed (plus sex much better), but note that it feels significantly different from the memory foam.

The assembly section is a little bit painful – it can get annoying if you’re going to switch firmness regularly (for some reason). But once you have built it up, the hard part ends and you will not have to revisit it for a long time.


One of the great thing about buying a mattress online is that you can avoid the many overhead costs associated with traditional mattress sales. This is why you can enjoy quality products like Dunlop Latex at such an affordable price.

Since latex is known to be durable, your investment in Spindle can last for years. Therefore, we found the cost of this product is reasonable. Take a look at the prices below to see which option will prove your budget best job.

Approximate Price of Spindle mattress in different prices-

  • Twin- $899.99
  • Twin XL- $949.99
  • Full- $1,149.99
  • Queen- 1,349.99
  • King- $1,699.99

The spindle is very comfortable to sleep and to see a quality natural latex mattress at this price. This fact touched us. Overall, we recommend this mattress. In addition to more than typical assembly, the spindle stands out in the competition.

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