Sapira Mattress Review 2020


Sapira mattress is a new product from Leesa. Its goal is to become the most luxurious bedding mattress affordable to as many people as possible. As Lissajous has been so popular, We are happy to give this mattress a try.

Overall, We think this is an excellent mattress, but not for everyone. This is a mixed feeling that does feel between innerspring and memory foam mattresses. It will be very supportive for a long time, so we think this is the best person to think of as a long-term purchase. This is the value of this mattress.

Main Judgment For Buy Sapira Mattress

  • Stomach or Back Sleeper: Although firmness is subjective, we think most people would agree that Sapira is more determined than average. This makes it suitable for stomach or back to sleep. Some of the sleepers next to them may think this is a bit firm.
  • Sleeping With Your Partner: Sapira did a great job with the conversion and was doing very well with limited This means that if you sleep with your partner and want to use the entire surface area of the bed, you can operate very comfortably because the edge support is outstanding.
  • Later Support: Support system in this mattress is critical. This mattress may be a good choice if you need extra help (for example, if you are heavy or have problems).
  • Best Long-term investment: Sapira may be a good bet (compared to other bedding) if you want to buy your mattress and use it for a long time. It uses the durable long-term


People may not like Sapira Mattress

  • Most people will find Sapira stronger than average. This is good for back andsleepers, but some sleepers next to them may find it too firm. 
  • If you’re used to / feeling like Tempurpedic, you slowly sink into the mattress, then you may want to look elsewhere as it is not what you get with Sapira.
  • Sapira uses materials that should last for a long time (note that this is not a consumer test because the mattress is new, just our opinion based on specs).

Sapira Mattress Feeling Of Softness

You can still get good pressure relief, but regarding hardness, it may be in the range of 10-7.5. This is perfect for the abdomen or back sleeper, but there may be some who will think this is a little too firm.

The mattress is very sensitive which feel like you are sleeping “on” mattress instead of “in” the mattress. You will never feel trapped in the mattress and move quickly in bed. Overall, you can relieve the pressure on your foam mattress without feeling stuck or sunk too much.

Mattress Building Or Construction 

Sapira is a mixed mattress. It combines the coil support system with memory foam and performance foam. The top layer is a 1.5″ high-density foam that responds quickly, depressurizes and cools down. The next layer is a 1.5″ high-density memory foam. This segment of pressure is released to help the mattress outline to your body.

Followed by a bag coil support system sandwiched between two 1-inch stable foam layers. The result is that you get a very supportive mattress that contours your body well and is also very responsive to your movements.

It feels like a real hybrid mattress, and you get the best of both worlds. The use of bagged coils and high-density foam makes it an excellent match for heavy people.

Of course, the four stripes that make Leesa famous on the cover.

Surface Support For Sapira Mattress

One area where Sapira mattresses excel is edge support. If you sleep with your partner, sometimes you find yourself sleeping in bed. In some mattresses, you will feel the edge of your coming off, as the edge support is so weak. This is not the case with Sapira.

As you can see, you can sleep by the bed without worrying about it. This makes the sleeping surface feel more. You can also fasten your shoes or do anything comfortably at the end of your bed.

Movement Transfer In Sapira Mattress

If you sleep with your partner, then you should consider the removal of movement as a factor. This is just to assess if your partner is upset when moving.

It is not as good as a high-density memory foam mattress, and you feel a little bit of movement, but it still performs better than a regular mattress.

Approximate Pricing List

Twin XL$1,075
California King$1,775
  • Other Details
  • Shipment: Free | Compressed in a box. Delivers in 4-10 business days
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Trial Period: Up to 100 nights
  • Weight: Queen Size– 115 pounds
  • Made In: USA

Final Recommendation

There is not any doubt that this is a great mattress (frankly one of the best overall mattresses) and we love the week in bed.

It uses excellent material (We suspect it will bring good durability) and provides many of the feelings that sleepers will love.

It does not fit everyone’s preferences (we do not think there’s a mattress), but for the luxury mattress shopper this is a unique and compelling proposal, in general, we suggest it.

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