Revive 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress 2020


Revive 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattresses is one of the latest additions of a memory foam mattress to the growing online mattress industry for athletes. The Revive 12 Inch mattress manufacturers have designed a product that retains the least, remains comfortable and is very supportive. However, it differs from the rest in that it is specifically designed to improve muscle recovery for athletes. In other words, this mattress offers the most peaceful night of sleep for people who live a positive lifestyle.

Revive 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattresses are made from unique materials on the market. Including graphite gel injection foam, high responsiveness support foam and high-density support foam. All of these elements combine to create three separate layers. That offer personal benefits but together form a mattress designed to provide superior comfort, support, cooling capacity, and muscle recovery.

Therefore, the mattress insulation level is shallow, thus forming a relaxed and comfortable to maintain the surface. In fact, the Revive said that the graphite gel layer into the memory foam to make its mattress than other foam mattresses up to 7 times. Compare some excellent design memory foam mattress.

Structure of Revive 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

The Revive 12 inch memory foam mattress consists of four separate layers, including a layer of memory foam filled with graphite gel, two layers of highly reactive memory foam and a layer of high-density support foam.

Together, the four layers produced a total of10 inches thick mattress. Here’s a more detailed look at the construction of this bed.

Structure Of Top layer: The first layer of the Revive mattress made of 1-inch memory foam and injected with a graphite gel. This bubble is entirely odorless, completely breathable. It has an open cell structure designed to increase the overall airflow by up to 95%.

In addition to its cooling performance, the graphite gel-injected memory foam also provides excellent pressure relief, keeping the spine correct and minimizing motion transmission.

Structure Of the Second Segment: The lower layer of the Revive 12 Inch mattress made of a quick reaction foam. This segment has a material that provides a polymer structure.

This layer is susceptible and provides excellent pressure relief because it responds to the applied pressure and provides more support in the most needed places. Also, rapid reaction foam helps to improve the airflow of the mattress, further minimizing insulation.bear-mattress-foam-layers

Structure Of the Third Segment: The third segment of the Revive 12″ mattress also made of a quick reaction foam. This layer density is 1.5 inch, but the second layer is 1 inch.

This coat provides the same advantages as the second layer, providing additional support, bounce, and response, and further reducing heat retention.

Structure Of The fourth Segment: The fourth and last layers of the Revive mattress made of 6.5-inch high-density core support memory foam.

A highly responsive material, this foam can not only serve as the basis of the upper layer but also help to maintain the shape of the mattress. And also can further support the body, improve the pressure point of the relief, allowing you to sleep more comfortably.

Firmness Level of Revive 12 Inch Mattress

The firmness level is 1 to 101 for the softest, 10 for the most firm. We give the Revive 12 Inch mattress, which is slightly stronger than the average bed.

The first layer of the graphite-injected memory foam is combined with the lid to create an excellent softness. The rest of the mattress creates a solid firmness for the entire bed.

Relief Of Pain And Support

Revive 12 Inch mattresses are specifically designed to help relieve pain and do this. First, when lying in any position are almost no sinking, appropriate support the body, help to reduce the accumulation of body pressure, thus eliminating the pain.

Coupled with the effect of the Celliant lid, it transfers the body heat to the infrared heat and oxygenates the blood. Yes, this mattress does provide an incredible amount of pain relief.

Capability Of Heat Absorption

When you are asleep and looking for a mattress that will not keep heat, you will impress with the Revive 12″ mattress. This bed has been carefully designed to minimize insulation.

The ink input memory foam combines with the Celliant on the lid to absorb the heat of the body. And keep the mattress evenly throughout the night to keep your beauty and calm. We did not notice the temperature rise of the bed, no matter how long we placed, or where we were lying.

Issue Of Deflation Or Off-Gassing

Degassing refers to the smell of new mattresses. The mattresses made from foam produce a certain degree of odor due to the chemicals used in the production of the foam.

Using the Revive 12 inch mattress, we did not notice a lot of exhaust, although we did want to point out that when we first received it, there was a little bit of smell. To prevent the odor, we put the mattress in a window open room, after a few minutes to dissipate.

At A Glance, Fundamental Things That Attract Mattress User

  • Celliant Cover
  • Graphite infused gel foam
  • Incredible support
  • Keep cool
  • A little bit of gas
  • Big bounce
  • High response
  • High level of pain relief
  • Improve muscle recovery
  • Boost energy
  • Ten-year warranty
  • 100 night trial period
  • Full refund guarantee

Things that do not attract mattress user

Can purchase online, so you cannot try before buying.

For some sleepers may be too firm.

For some sleepers may be too soft.

Revive 12 Inch Mattress design to provide balanced firmness, body contours, and bounce. It also intends to minimize calorie retention, reduce stress build-up and relieve pain.

In general, the mattress makes the task design to do. It provides a reasonable degree of rebound, but the movement isolation is splendid. It offers excellent support and reduces pain. So Revive 12 Inch mattresses is an excellent choice for those who are seeking good quality low price mattress.

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