Purple Mattress Review 2020


The purple mattress is an attractive and very comfortable mattress that offers consumers a wide range of features and benefits. Purple can be affordable at all because it is comfortable and its unique structure helps a relaxing night of sleep.

With its innovative, unparalleled ruggedness and state-of-the-art ultrahigh molecular material, this mattress is being placed up quickly as a fit.

According to our research, Purple is one of the most exciting beds on the market today. Its combination of foam and super elastic polymeric materials offers a unique feeling. It allows consumers around the world to enjoy a quiet and relaxing sleep at night.

Although purple with a latex type of texture and similar sense, it has a higher support and excellent taste. Now, I am going to discuss a full review of the purple bedding. 

Purple Mattress Structure

As mentioned earlier, the purple mattress has a single comfort layer, made of high elastic polymer, forming a grid structure. I am always the concern in seeing how this material and design affect the feeling of the mattress. And what type of support and pressure it can provide.

✤ Mattress Cover – The cover is a mixture of polyesterviscose, and Lycra. It is a soft, breathable material that is quite thin to allow airflow into the mattress. Lycra is an elastic material and it is usually found in sportswear and helps to adjust the temperature by absorbing moisture from the body.

✤ The comfort layer – The comfort layer is made of the super-elastic polymer. This segment of the mattress is 2 inches (ca. 5 cm) high and can respond quickly to the pressure that the bed has some bounce. So that you can change the position of the mattress without being disturbed.

The layer is set in the grid structure to aid in weight distribution and pressure release. The grid structure produces a supported polymer column until a certain pressure threshold reached. When this limit reach, the column will be released to allow the area for reducing back pain, joint pain & pressure relief.

The weight then distributed over the grid, which means that the super elastic polymer can give a position where the pressure increased. It still supports the whole to avoid creating a pressure point. This form also forms an airbag in the comfort layer of the mattress to help prevent overheating during sleep.

✤ The transition layer – The standard purple thickness is 3.25 inches (ca. 8 cm) of poly carbonate. The density of 1.8 pounds (0.82 kg), for the mattress, to provide some compression support. This segment also means moving the sleepers from the comfort layer to the bottom of the bed.

✤ Base – Mattress base is 4-inch poly-carbonate, the density of 2 pounds (0.91 kg). This stable layer support by the mattress and gives the shape of its structure.

Firmness level and supporting capability for different types of sleeper

Purple does show a unique sense of firmness and feeling; their firmness level is6 to 6.5 out of scale 10. With this ideal rugged grade and innovative purple design, mattresses tend to adapt to most sleepers’ sleep requirements and needs, which undoubtedly contributes to their overall popularity.

Purple unique smart grid design, consumers can get the best softness and firmness.

Again, either the back or the side, the purple top layer is smooth to remove the pressure between the mattress and the body, to entirely support your spine during sleep.

✤ Mattresses do well, support the whole for light sleepers (less than 130 pounds) the feeling is floating at the top of the bed, the body contour is very small.

✤ For medium-weight sleepers (130 to 150 pounds), the purple presents a sense of hugging because the heavyweight sleepers will sink deeper into the foam and the polymer mix.

✤ Finally, for heavier sleepers (more than 150 pounds), the mattress presents a higher level of sinking and silhouette as well as more significant hugs.

Shift and sink movement of Purple Mattress?

Purple, like many foam mattresses, comfortable to absorb the movement. It helps you to sleep with your partner almost without interruption.

The mattress also has a non-toxic, lightweight powder coating of proprietary powder materials. It helps to minimize any noise that the polymer may produce.

For sinking, the mattress will soak 1 to 1.5 inches, either lying on your back or side.

However, when sitting at the edge of the bed, between 2.5 and 4 inches tend to sink more.

Since sinking depends entirely on weight, it will vary significantly depending on the weight of the individual sleepers. The polymer material provides a bounce similar to a latex mattress.

How about durability Of Purple Mattress?

Purple makes in the United States. The data available in our review shows that the life of purple is better than the experience of other foam mattresses. Also, theunique combination of foam and super-elastic polymers seems to be very durable.

According to our data, Purple manufacture with excellent products, materials, and quality control standards. The available information shows that 85% of the owners are happy.

Sleep Trial and warranty service

✤ Sleep test: This mattress has a night of 100 nights.

✤ Warranty: Purple offers ten years warranty.

✤ Shipping: Free to the continental United States, it will reach a parcel.

Purple Mattress fit for you?

✤ Want to relieve stress: The mattress in the comfort layer of the polymer grid structure, evenly distribute the weight to reduce the pressure, back pain while still supporting the body to keep the body in excellent condition.

✤ Worry about sleeping too hot: The top of the grid structure on the mattress to create an airbag to help you relax cooler and combined with a thin breathable hood.

✤ Want responsive bedding: The top of the super elastic polymer reacts quickly to the pressure. It will allow you to move on the bed, changing the location without being disturbed.

Purple prices range from $ 699 to $ 1299 ( Approximate). The amount may vary on choosing different size mattress.

✤ Twin XL $699

✤ Queen $999

✤ King$1299

✤ California King$1299

Compared with other more expensive foam mattresses, mattresses work well.

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