Pure Latex Bliss Mattress Review 2020


Is there any sound sleeping mattress that feels you will never find a latex mattress? I say YES! Plushbeds botanical bliss is a 100% pure latex mattress. 

Now it’s time to welcome the Bliss mattress at the new Plushbeds plant! Plushbeds is a company that aims to create a high-end latex mattress with top comfort, support, cooling, and rebounding.

Will plushbeds botanical bliss set the standard for latex mattresses in the online industry? Continue to read below to find out!

❖ Natural/Organic Mattress: Many mattress companies will tell you that a mattress is organic/natural, but they mixed with synthetic materials. When we say a lot, we mean most. But Plush beds are real deals, and all are natural.

❖ Spring Foam Mattress: Plant Bliss is a natural latex that is more elastic than memory foam. If you love the comfort and support of memory foam but do not like the feeling of “stuck in bed, then latex is a good choice.

❖ Value for Money: Plushbeds run their factory (in the United States) and send your mattress directly to your doorsteps, so they are better at cutting off intermediaries than anyone else and creating tremendous value for their customers.

❖ Want To Sleep So Coolly: Latex is a good mattress to sleep with fresh material, which is checked out with the happiness of my plant.

❖ If You Need Full Body Support: A common concept about Latex mattress that the layer of foam highly build to support side, stomach, and backside sleepers.

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Layers Of The Plushbeds Mattress

Plushbeds mattresses are slightly different from most latex mattresses in the industry nowadays. Most of them have one, maybe two coats of latex foam. Some foams are not latex but have the same latex-like properties.

It is100% latex mattresses from top to bottom, offering 9″- 13″ height. For this review, we tested a 10″plant Bliss plush bed.

❖ Top Layer(Temperature Conditioning): The first inch of material used in the mattress is a mixture of organic cotton cover and 100% Joma wool. Organic cotton covers are designed to provide maximum relief from stress while Joma wool keeps you cool and helps regulate temperature. Wool also acts as a fire barrier.

❖ Middle Layer (Cooled & Comfortable): 3″100% Talalay Latex. This layer relieves stress and provides support. Talalay Emulsion offers great comfort, rebound, and Plushbeds wants to make it a cover, and under the wool, The top layer of foam ensures the same amount of support and comfort on the mattress.

❖ (Support / Base): 6″ARPICO Organic Latex is a 100% natural product made from rubber sap. This layer is intended to provide backup support for the Talalay layer above it. Also, for heavier Sleepers, 6″layer latex provides deep compression support.

Firmness, Feel, & Support

Although the Plushbeds Botanical Bliss mattress has four different hardness levels, the average level we have tested was quite a failure. For the firmness level, we have rated 5 out of 10 of which was for the firmest mid-level and it was a total failure.

Plushbedsalso offers a flexible, (rated 3.5 of10), medium-firm(6.5 out of 10) and hard(8.5 out of 10).

Motion Transfer

If you are sleeping with a partner, you may want to consider moving the mattress so that you will not disturb each other at night. Latex usually performs quite well in this test, and Botanical Bliss is no exception.

Pure Latex Bliss Construction Process

The key to happinessPlushbedsmattress is that all the latex is natural (the company imports directly from Sri Lanka). 9″ model consists of the following parts:

❖ Organic Cotton Covered: Cotton grows without any pesticides or herbicides, and weaves (rather than weave), which is considered a more breathable cover.

❖ 2″Natural Talalay Latex: This latex comfort layer provides the main comfort and support for a mattress, making it extremely attractive.

❖ 7″ARPICO Organic Natural Latex: ARPICO Latex Certified No Fillers, Dyes, Carcinogenic Adhesives, Chemicals or Pesticides.

Pricing Comparision In Different Size

❖ High Price: We generate some data from a few customers about the mattress price which is a bit higher. But Plushbeds cut their price tremendously in recent days. The price is now $1699 with free shipping which was $2799 in a few days ago. 

The bed Latex is heavy. This is the most massive mattress we have checked, so be sure to think about it if you want to move your mattress at will.

Size of MattressPrice (Approx)
Twin XL$1,499
California King$2,599

Extra Buying Guide Of Latex Plushbeds

❖ Comfort Exchange 100 Night: This is an awesome offer that if you are sensitive to over firm or soft of the foam layer, you can get an advantage for 100-night free use.

❖ Money Back Guarantee For 100 Nights: Plushbeds Botanical Bliss latex mattress offering a free trial, free shipping, and free return. You sleep sound or your money back.

❖ Shipping: Free, Ships within 7-14 days, Compressed in a box

❖ Warranty: 25 years; 10 years full replacement, 15 years prorated

❖ Difficult to Move: This mattress is quite floppy, making it very difficult to setup and move.

We personally really value the idea of a real natural mattress, so based on that, we think Plushbedsdid a good job. We have a good sleep experience, but we hope we have got 10″ or 12″ models instead of 9”.Overall, we think if you like the feeling of latex you can afford/want to buy one All-natural mattress, Plushbedsis a good choice.

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