Best Memory foam Mattress Review & Comparison 2018

A best Memory foam mattress builds to provide the support and comfort you need for relaxation. If you have used your bed for a while and you may be in thought of if it is time to buy a new one; this article is for you!

Research shows that people sleep better, suffer less back pain or joint pain in new bed. They experience fewer stress symptoms while sleeping.

  • Your sleep quality will improve if your sleeping surface relieves pressure on joints and other areas of the body.
  • Your distinct comfort needs with the right product, but it is a very selective process.

Best memory foam mattresses make with a variety of materials and technologies. It provides support systems that meet the full range of consumer needs, tastes, and budgets. Check best memory foam mattress reviews Here.

Best Memory Foam Mattress Type

There are lots of best memory foam mattress on the market but how you know which one is the best fit for your body. For this reason, you must know the mattress types.

  • According to the customers, memory foams are the most popular type of mattress. It is soft and easily molded into the shape of your body, providing support for the whole body. It also has a warm feeling that helps to create that cozy feeling which is necessary for a sound sleep.
  • Innerspring mattresses are still the most used mattress. It supports with coil springs, and each coil is individually close. The bed for the usage of many years and prevents the loops from leaving the mattress. At the top of the reels, there are a wide variety of materials added for comfort.
  • The third one you can pick as your mattress at home is Airbed. You can pump this type to your desired firmness by using an electric pump attached. These typically include additional layers at the top, as memory foam mattresses. Most of them also allow you to inflate distinct halves with different firmness to satisfy your needs.

Best Memory Foam Mattress Overview

Make a quick search on the internet; you will find that most mattress brands that have got sufficient reviews of satisfaction fall within 80%-82%. The question is how to find best memory foam mattress that will provide you quality sleep and adjust to your sleeping motion. 

There are also brands that are much better than the rest, while the rest fall below customer expectations. When it comes to memory foam beds, mattress reviews tend to compare them with other beds using variables such as type, layer construction, bed thickness, IFDs, cover materials.

Of course, the denser the materials and the more foam a mattress uses, the more the price will rise.

Five Best memory foam mattress in 2018

1. Innerspring Mattress

An innerspring mattress terms as a spring mattress. In short, the innerspring primarily built of coils and consists of three components:

  • Support Layer
  • Comfort Layer
  • Fabric Cover.

So to buy a perfect innerspring mattress for you, you have to focus on these components.

  • Innerspring memory foam mattresses are the veterans and one of the most used types of the bedding in the world.

Although there have been massive improvements over the years, reviews and ratings still seem to be less favorable for spring beds than memory foam.

It is because they are typically inferior in transfer or movement, offer limited support and have inferior durability. Read Innerspring mattress Review Here.

There are lots of excellent innerspring foam mattresses out on the market and also lots of awful ones too! We could list a lot of great options, but we thought it would be more convenient to keep the list limited. Here are some that we consider representing a great value.

  • Best of the line: The Saatva Mattress
  • High-End: The Helix Mattress
  • For Side Sleepers: WinkBeds
  • Budget-friendly: Sleep Master Euro Box Top Classic 12-Inch

2. The Saatva Mattress

Saatva mattresses are luxury beds built with the main feature known as “coil on the coil” construction.

Two individually wrapped bobbin sets respond to the contour of the body and hardened steel coils that prevent long-term fall.

If you used to with innerspring mattresses, you would probably be right to pick the Saatva. 

  • It has a smart construction that has that traditional spring fee & available at a very affordable price.
  • It has good rebound, and you feel like you are sleeping “in” the mattress instead of “on.” It will not be for everyone, as there is some kind of feel that some people prefer more.

The Saatva mattress is a very rounded option for people looking for a premium mattress at an affordable price.

  • It has the advantages of both springs and foam (coil on the coil foam based construction).
  • It also comes with a high price; only $999 directly from Saatva.

If we look at the right side of it, we saw, it has a high-quality manufacturing on par with the best technology.
One thing might bug about Saatva that is a relatively young company. But we should say it is more worth than having it. Read our Saatva Mattress Guide Here.

3. The Helix Mattress

First of the things first, you will love the Helix mattress if you want to save money. Helix is a very high-quality mattress that takes the whole essence of traditional bed models in a box.

You need to know!

  • It comes directly from the factory to your door, trimming your costs so that they can charge much less than your corner mattress store.
  • We all believe that personalization can improve the sleep experience. So, many mattress companies are launching the line “a mattress for everyone.” But many people do not believe that is true.
  • Helix is the first online mattress company that offers a variety of options that satisfy many different types of preferences of sleepers via simple questionnaires!
  • The mattress is having a lot of data clustering pointing in the right direction.
  • It will give you a latex foam feel; for all your personalization, it is still a latex-like foam mattress feel in general.

If you also want a well-researched mattress: Helix worked with a couple of PhDs to determine which sleep factors were the most important and how they could utilize these researched factors in their mattresses. Read Helix mattress Guide Here.


Suppose, you and your sleeping partner have different preferences. In Helix, you can not only customize the bed but also you can customize each side of the mattress to accommodate the choices of two people. This mattress can be ideal for couples. So, the preference is yours!

4. WinkBeds

Taking the mattress game to the next level, WinkBeds, with its hybrid spring-foam design, is disrupting the natural flow of sleep-chi by offering a luxurious alternative to “bed in a box” mattresses.

The main thing about this mattress is that it provides a real comfy feeling to the side sleeper. You wonder how?

  • Contours your body, while still being highly sensitive to your movements throughout the night.
  • Provides a balanced sinkage to create a smooth, comfortable feel without feeling like you are sleeping on side sand.
  • It also promotes transpiration and cooling via a gel.

Finally, you should know that all mattresses reviews on our website go through a series of linkage tests. These tests are designed to help you to give an idea of how the mattress will perform under various conditions!

Lying position on your back: In a typical lying position where weight evenly distributed across the bed, we saw two inches of linkage. Most of the coupling results from the sleep surface comfort foams. As such, it’s a relatively soft feel.

The most important thing perhaps the lying position on the side: In a typical lying position on the team we saw 2.25″ of linkage. So, you can easily buy it for your side sleeping! Read Our WinkBeds mattress Guide Here.

5. Sleep Master Euro Box

Just have a look at the about sleeping master euro box!

  • The Sleep Master offers average performance for the mid-range buyer
  • The durability is below average and makes it a better choice for a child or a guest room as well as for rather than the main mattress for an adult also.
  • If we look through its main features, at the bottom of the bed lies the seven and a half inches spring section, providing the bulk of support.
  • There is a half-inch high-density foam, as a strong divider between the top and the springs to provide a comfy feeling.

We have seen that Sleep Master does not sleep hot and presents individuals with comfortable sleeping temperatures. It is also not smelling and eco-friendly.

The mattress comes with high quality without ruffles. It is at the pretty low price. But wait, it is a good quality for sure.
One thing you can take for sure if it’s loss of support and sagging. But it is an overall good choice.


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