Memory foam Mattress Foundation


Is it necessary to buy a memory foam mattress foundation? Before answer, I may want to say something about the memory foam mattress necessity.

Sleeping a comfortable bed is essential for good health. It is also vital for your daily life how much time you are sleeping in the night & how much comfort you feel in sleep.

A good bed is significant for the human body to sleep in a real bed that will always remove your back pain and keep you safe from any joint pain.

Now, The topic is memory foam foundation. I am working with memory foam industry from 2010 and many people always ask me about the foundation of memory foam. What type of foundation actually good for a memory foam mattress?

A foundation is a base or mechanism where the foam mattress is fitted. There are two types of memory foam or Latex foam foundation which is actually needed to keep your foam well for long term.

There is four foundation system that you may also know.

  1. A foundation is not essential, you can use it is flooring surface Or if the height of memory foam is low then you can use a foundation bud solid foundation is the must.
  2. You can use slat foundation if it is 6-8″ apart.
  3. Plywood is better and acceptable for memory foam mattress.
  4. Don’t use any supportive slat or wood that may make any collapse.

How the foundation for memory foam mattress?

Some people ask me that, I have a spring mattress foundation, is it necessary to buy a new mattress foundation for memory foam. Yes, I have the answer and continue reading-

The foundation is good for memory foam mattress but not necessary at all. You can use the bed on a stable platform without frame or steel, but if you think about the height of the bed, I think you should buy a spring box or steel frame.

There are two types of foundation in Memory foam mattress or latex mattress.

One is box springs, and another is a solid foundation.

Box Springs- This is the combination of wood and steel bed like traditional mattress absorbing your pain.

Solid Foundation– This is the most famous and back pain absorbing memory foam mattress or latex mattress typically made with wooden top.

Wood Slat Mattress Foundations

The wooden slat mattress Foundation also works very well where the slats are very close to one and another wood. The measurement of the wood gap needs to put a ½” to ¾.”

Some people are passionate in a fordable foundation to carry it one place to another in an easy way to or keep in mind when they ship the house.

Fordable foundation with Metal

Our team recently used fordable pragma bed platform with latex mattress and memory foam. The foundation of the bed is working very well with all types of memory foam mattress. The structure quickly folds and moves to one place to another in few minutes.

We also tested fordable mattress foundation that the support of the frame or body is firm that can quickly take the massive weight support. Our technician comments for those frequently change the room or house.

Flooring Memory Foam Mattress

We are getting many questions- Is memory foam is right or wrong if it is flooring? The simple answer is YES! We always recommend using the memory foam mattress on a solid floor. It will never harm if your basement, not moisture. The bed functions very well with flooring for body pain.

✴ Our team and forum community always comments it is hard to get out of the bed for much comfort.

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