Lucid 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review 2019


Lucid 5″ Gel memory foam mattress is a genuinely innovative mattress, showing a variety of sound quality characteristics. Consumers recognize it for its overall performance and support. The is a great edition of Saatva (Innerspring) & Loom & leaf (Memory Foam) mattress. One of the long-term veterans of the Saatva online mattress industry.

Lucid 5″ Gel mattresses truly meet the company’s reputation and offer top-quality products that meet customer requirements and expectations.

Lucid 5″ Gel mattresses provide consumers with a comprehensive range of features, reliability, and price and its quality craft are still famous.

Its two independent firmness and attractive design, combined with its four-store comfort and support and a cooling sleeping surface.

It makes this natural latex mattress the best choice for consumers looking for quality, durable beds.

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Why Buy Lucid 5" Gel Memory Mattress?

Lucid 5″ is an all-natural latex mattress consisting of four unique comfort and support layers.

A cooling sleep surface, Certi-Pur certified 100% organic New Zealand wool, partial movement, minimal sinking and various other attractive feature.

The function of foam for all types of sleepers, including children and the elderly. The mattress covered with organic cotton, which helps to calm the sleeping surface.

  • It has four layers of comfort and support, providing buoyancy while resisting the body’s impression or significant sagging.
  • Lucid minimizes body pressure and provides comfort and temperature control consistency.
  • It offers consumers with an affordable but genuinely high-performance natural latex mattress.
  • I have a very positive experience with Lucid mattress. Use it a week later, the best way to describe how I feel to place it is weightless.
  • The product is all natural.
  • Material quality is precious.
  • The robustness of a single product makes it more versatile.
  • Excellent movement transfer reduction.
  • Suitable for all types of sleepers
  • For those who shop under the budget,
  • Difficult to move

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Construction of Lucid 5" Gel Memory Firm Mattress

Layers- Lucid is a 10″ mattress made up of 100% natural latex components.

The Top layer – The top of the bed is the pull-up latex 1.5″. The top design has a 5-zone comfort layer that provides a more comfortable/supportable sleep surface for the sleepers.

The latex is naturally fresh and offers excellent bouncing, high sensitivity.

The second layer – 3 “Talalay latex, ILD is 25-29. ILD (indentation load deflection) measures the hardness or softness of the foam. By placing the thicker layer of Talalay under the top tier. The second layer is designed to provide a high level of pressure relief and support.

The third layer- When the soft side at the top, the layer is more as transitional support when flipping. Its role is to provide more direct pushback, support, and firmness, combined with the fourth level.

The bottom layer – 1.5 “Talalay latex. As the extra support of the above three layers, the bottom layer is also the top layer of the mattress with a stronger side of the bed.

Remember!  Lucid is flippable, the bottom and top floors are technically comfortable. The one hand is a bit stiff than the other so that you can feel two different feelings in one mattress.

Cover Of Lucid Mattress:

The cover of the Lucid mattress usually made of organic cotton. The inner lid of the lining is a layer of 100% Joma wool.

Joma Wool is a natural temperature regulator. It helps to pull the heat out of the sleepers and keep the cold sleep surface.

Due to the detachable construction, Lucid’s lid has a layer of Joma wool on each side.

Therefore, when the mattress is turned over, you will have the same cooling characteristics as the other side.

Features & Qualities of Lucid 5" Gel Memory Mattress

Level Of Firmness, Support, And Comfort 

The Lucid mattress has a detachable design with two independent toughness. The matte side of the latex mattress is facing down, the hardness is low, and the other hand enters at the higher end of the durability.

With these sound levels, consumers can also enjoy a right balance between the sinking and hugging of the mattress.

Latex is different from memory foam and cannot wholly simulate your body curve. But the contours of the surrounding area give less limited hugs. Whether you are the stomach, the side or the lower back sleeper Lucid suits for all.

The Lucid mattress’s firmness offers a consistent level of alignment of the spine formed by a unique 5-division system.

According to our research and data, the attractiveness of the 5-division system. It provides more support where needed and less support without better overall support. Other data also show that the Lucid mattresses are doing well in the higher rating category.

Movement Transfer

This bed is a versatile latex memory foam mattress with a dense core latex foam and an advanced comfort top latex layer. Latex naturally has a more reactive material with more natural springs, but this bed should still be tiny in motion.

The bed allows us to test the movement of the transfer, and the mattress produces little vibration, even 100% latex. The sealed core together with the wool in the cover layer helps to reduce any signs of partner interference.

Sleep So Cool

Lucid mattress is 100% natural Talalay latex. Latex is an open cell structure that makes air easy to flow. This naturally breathable material keeps the bed relaxed and comfortable while sleeping.

The top layer of wool provides a natural absorbent wicking material, which also helps to maintain the bed at a specified temperature during sleep.

Again, we like the properties of this mattress. Latex and wool are one of our favorite materials for these natural benefits of beds. This bed keeps a very comfortable temperature throughout the night and does not allow heat to accumulate.

Lucid Sinkage Test And Edge Support

I tested the sinking on the two firmness settings of the Lucid mattress and applied my 130-pound weight to the area of about 9 inches by 7 inches and sank 1/7-inch long suede.

Our test team also tested the sinking of my weight on the edge of my knees near the body. Go under small enough, but when I was near the border, both sides fell.

On the other hand, you can see that I got excellent support in the plush and firm environment. In general, the side support of latex products is relatively average.

 Minimum Off-Gassing

After manufacturing many products, sometimes they release volatile organic compounds.

However, when my bed was set up, I did not notice any smell at all. So thanks go to Talalay latex. I was able to use it for the first night; I did not see anything. Instead of disturbing the off-gassing, I found the beautiful smell.

Warranty Service Of Lucid 5" Gel Memory Mattress

This luxurious Lucid mattress equipped with a 20-year warranty and 120 days of the tension-free trial period. Warranty is not transferable from the date of purchase.

If the manufacturing problem occurs in the first two years, the mattress will be repaired free of charge.

After that, it will be fixed free of charge, but you must bear the cost of shipping. We know that Saatva also offers a “fair alternative policy.”

We find it interesting: In the first two years, if the mattress is considered flawed, they will give you a new one instead of repairing you. So you win new mattress. During the warranty period, this policy will also provide you with a new mattress in proportion to the cost of distribution.

  • 3 to 5 years: You only need to pay 25% of the new price, you can get a new mattress
  • 6 to 10: 50%
  • 11 to 20: 75%
Lucid 5 Inch Mattress Cost

We all want to save money, and in the purchase of a mattress, you want to get the best deal. But if you are not spending enough money, you can easily get an inferior product that will not stand the test of time. It makes you shop again, and it will not be good. When you consider the mattress, you must know that designing for consecutive impressive 20 years of regular use.

It is a considerable investment. However, the quality and durability expectations of the materials you receive can make it very valuable. In fact, you can save up to 70% of retail brands, including commission and low cost.

Reason for Buying the Lucid Mattress

Want a slight or moderate firm feeling – The plush area of the Lucid mattress is firm between 4.5-5. The firmness of the mattress is 6.5 out of 10 scales.

Want a 100% natural latex mattress- Composed of four separate layers, Lucid consists of 100% latex foam layer. Latex is good for sleepers who like foam mattresses, but require more reactions, more bounces, and better cooling.

Want a lot of support and pressure – This mattress support and pressure absorption is first class. It helps to create well-supported spine alignment for various body types, weight and sleep locations.

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Lucid Mattress quick reviews at a glance

You are natural mattress seekers but do not want to spend thousands of dollars; I think Lucid is the best option.

Unlike chemical foam mattresses, Lucid is all-natural, for those who suffer from allergies and certain skin conditions. You like foam mattresses, but want a higher degree of bounce and response and better heat dissipation feature. Then my suggestion will be Lucid mattress.

I also appreciate the Lucid online mattress industry veteran, and they are rapidly gaining popularity. I hope that the information I shared, it will help you make decisions about Lucid Mattress.

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