Lucid 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress Reviews 2020


Lucid 10-inch latex foam mattress is a US-based memory foam mattress. This bedding consists of a cooling gel and an organic cotton lid.  In recent few years, it is one of the most promising and fastest growing online mattress companies. This fantastic bed brings together some of the high-quality features found only inexpensive, high-quality mattress brands.

Why Lucid 10 Inch Latex Memory Foam mattress?

Value: It is one of the most critical factors. Compared with other mattresses, this bed is relatively low cost. The goal of this mattress company is to sell its high-quality products at a lower price.

Tempur-Pedic: For the Tempur-Pedic model or other high-quality memory foam mattress, I will suggest the Lucid 10 inch. The mattress specifications are comparable to some mid-range Tempur-Pedic models. See the direct comparison of Tempur-Pedic.

Comfortable/firm feeling: From the customer satisfaction review comfort and firmness, I found the level of rating is 8/10. Most sleepers are comfortable in medium versions.

But for those who are more massive sleep or who like to feel a little less embrace. This mattress can be the right choice.

Sleeping peacefully with a partner: Sleep peaceful means that if you are sleeping with someone and you feel no disturbance for his/her moving continuously.

Lucid 10-inch latex mattress provides motion transfer properties. Although your partner is moving on a regular basis, this feature ensures no interference. In fact, if you lie on this mattress, you will not feel any disturbance.

Warranty and Service: Warranty is also an essential factor in choosing a new bed. We know that, in general, mattresses over ten years old can be considered good bedding. Although this is not a rule, just a hypothesis. This Lucid 10″ Latex bedding ensures a 10-year extended warranty and service.

Why Not Buy Lucid 10 inch latex Bedding?

Plan to use the mattress for a short time – I think Lucid 10 inch is suitable for people who want long-term solutions.

If you just plan to put your bed for 2-3 years, then maybe you do not want to invest in this quality mattress or Lucid 10-inch bedding. Then you have to look at support for short time low prices and low-quality beds.

Do not like the feeling of the memory foam – I met some people who do not like the feel of memory foam. Then you should look at another mattress.

Service issues – Some people are facing a lack of service. Problem delivery experience, including delays and rescheduling. Some complaints have recorded their services. Customer service is worse than other brands.

Brand looking mind– To avoid the risk some people always search top quality brand. They do not want to take chances because this company is new. In this consideration, you do not need to buy this excellent quality mattress.

Construction of Lucid 10-inch Latex Memory Foam

  • Soft and breathable quilted organic cotton cover, including natural flame retardants.
  • The spinal cord gel layer, made of proprietary medical grade gel. It facilitates circulation and cooling.
  • The top layer of foam is constructed using a “gel spin” construction technique to ensure uniform distribution. Unique designs include air passages to improve air circulation and general cooling.
  • High-Density latex memory foam support layer: This is the core of the mattress as the foundation and support of the above layers. It includes a 2″ transitional loft, working vertically to provide transition or transfer. It allows the upper and lower layers to be stacked to provide support, in line with the nature and health of comfort.

Buy Lucid 10-Inch Latex firm Mattress online

Buying mattress online can be very convenient, but it can also be confusing because there are many options. Famous Internet mattress retailers have two main types below.

  • Sell mattresses from many different manufacturers, such as
  • Selling their products, such as Lucid, Leesa, ghost beds and bedding.

Like the American mattresses, although they have similar products, most beds are much cheaper than the actual retail locations. The main drawback here is that you cannot try before you buy a specific product.

  • First, you have to enter a competitive physical retailer and then go home and get a lower online price. Otherwise, if you do not like the mattress, you do not charge a return or return fee.
  • For companies selling their products, this is not true. Lucid, Leesa, Ghost Bed and Nest Bedding offer a free trial period for customers. In case of online purchase, you cannot try the mattress in advance, but you can get a 75 day risk-free trial period. Have enough time to figure out if you like the bed. From there, if you do not want the mattress, you can send it back. It sounds good to me, especially when you consider buying everything from the internet.


Those who are seeking for Tempur-Pedic or another high-end memory foam Lucid 10-inch latex foam mattress is the best choice. It offers an excellent way to get a similar advantage for Tempur-Pedic with a lower price. Lucid latex foam mattresses are also great for couples, those who are sensitive sleepers.

Above all, this Lucid 10-inch latex memory foam as an excellent choice for buying the top quality mattress.

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