Helix Mattress Review 2020


Helix mattress is an innovative foam mattress. This bedding based on the extensive study of the best quality sleep for the mattress function that will reduce back pain & joint pain.

Apparently, the bed should make according to the user’s specification. Such as Sleep style, body type, and any other personal preference to ensure healthy sleep.

Therefore, Helix mattress is not just a typical foam mattress but tailor to your specific sleep needs. The customization technology method to create Helix mattresses develops based on the recommendations of the doctoral thesis.

Researchers help to learn about the best sleep posturematerial properties and body type information to create a final custom mattress. Here is the full mattress review below.

Why you will love Helix Mattress

✤ Saves money – Helix is a very high-quality mattress that uses the recently favorite bed to box model. From the factory until your door, cut out the cost so that they can charge a lot less than your corner mattress store.

✤ You believe that depersonalization can improve the sleep experience – Many mattress companies are introducing “mattresses for all” lines, but many people do not think it is true. Helix is the first online dedicated mattress company to offer a variety of options for many types of sleepers.

✤ You need a well-developed mattress – Helix works with several PhD to determine which sleep factors are most important and how to solve these elements in the bed. It is a mattress with a lot of data pointing in the right direction.

✤ You like the feeling of Latex foam – For all the personalized, it is still a latex-like foam mattress feel the whole.

✤ Want to sleep with partner comfortably – Helix mattress supports motion transfer property. If your partner tosses and turn frequently then usually you will not face any disturbances because of high motion transfer capability. This bed can be a good option for the couple.

✤ Affordable price and payment method– Helix mattresses are priced between $ 600 and $ 1,195, making it a very cheap option. Also, you can use the financing option, which you can use to split your purchases into multiple payments. Using the available financing is an excellent choice if you want a quality mattress, but you are resource intensive.

✤ Worry about sleeping too hot – Helix can be customized to alleviate this problem. Helix custom micro channels do a lot of work to allow the air to adjust the temperature.

Why you will not love Helix Mattress

✤ You do not like foam mattresses – Although there is a layer of microcircuits, beds are more elastic than traditional memory foam mattresses. But it still has the overall feeling of foam mattresses. If you do not like the bubble and prefer the taste of a spring mattress, Helix will not change your mind.

✤ You want to know what you get before buying – Helix is an online mattress selling brand. So you will not understand what you are in the end until it reaches your door. 

✤ You can spend more money – Helix mattress is a low budget high-quality mattress. So if you want to spend more, there are some other mattresses at higher price points that offer more comfort and additional technology.

Unique Construction of Helix Mattress

Helix mattress has different levels and structures on each side of the bed. They can also mix you and your partner’s reaction so that you feel the whole mattress on a feeling. Here is the basic construction of Helix Mattress.

✤ The cover usually made of polyester and is fragile and breathable. The flat coat also means that it does not interfere with the top of the mattress feel.

✤ This layer is a very flexible polystyrene layer and reacts quickly with pressure. With such a layer, you can expect more like sitting on top of the mattress instead of sinking into it. The bubble here should allow me to quickly change the position without having to trap on my bed.

✤ This layer positioned directly below the foam, made by Helix’s proprietary dynamic foam. The feeling is somewhere between the latex and the memory foam and reacts quickly to the pressure. It does well to prevent sleep too hot and as a transition to the next coil.

✤ Compared with the foam layer, due to increased airflow, it is very suitable for the cooling mattress. The segment provides excellent support for the above layers and provides some flexibility for the bed. The micro-coil also offers a superb movement and contour of the body.

✤ This layer is a dense foam that is designed to form the foundation of the mattress. It is a very standard bed, and its job is to provide support for sleepers and high levels.

At a glance some necessary Information about Helix mattress

✤ Made in the United States – Helix mattresses are manufacture and ship to US factories.

✤ Sleep Trial – Helix offers a 100-night sleep test. If for any reason you do not feel that the bed is a good fit, then you can return within 100 nights to get a full refund.

✤ Warranty – Helix offers a ten-year warranty.

✤ Shipping – Free shipping to the United States, the mattress will compress in the box.


The result of our Helix Sleep mattress evaluation is that it is a good purchase that may be the best solution for those who want a personalized mattress without spending money. Besides, you can sleep in a different position and sleep with different people without feeling any disturbance. Helix mattress has a split option; you can enjoy the best comfort every night.

Also, Helix Sleep provides the level of cooling you need. So you can try this mattress without any doubt.

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