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Best Firm Memory Mattresses Around $1000

Some people are always searching for best firm memory foam mattress around $1000 and they may also think about the quality of the mattress. The concept of firm mattress comes from NASA to use firm foam or viscoelastic foam in seats of the airplane.

How do you know which mattress is best for firm memory foam mattress? 

Mattress user spends thousands of dollars on buying choice able beds but it is not necessary. Because there are plenty of great mattresses to choose the $ 1,000. Which still provide lasting quality, durability, and comfort.

firm memory foam mattress

Considering factors for choosing Firm memory foam mattress around 1000$

1. Innerspring mattresses are the most famous type of 1000$. It consists of hundreds of tightly wound springs that provide a resilient surface and a lot of airflows.

Modern technology made great strides in innerspring quality. And you may prefer to lie on the mattress rather than on the mattress. Read the full review of Innerspring mattress.

firm memory foam mattress

2. Best Memory foam is also one of the best firm memory foam mattresses around 1000$. It usually makes things that traditional mattresses cannot do properly.

It also allows sleepers to sink enough space that fills all the space usually exists. There are many available different types of memory foam. It includes shreds, solid pads, cutouts and gel foams. Read the full review of best memory foam mattress.

3. Latex Mattress is a different type of foam mattress that provides many of the characteristics. A type of memory foam but does not accumulate heat during the night.

Latex is also a good choice for those who like the elasticity of the innerspring mattress. But to keep the body in line with the memory foam. Latex has two quality mattresses of middle road combinations. A full review of Latex Mattress.

Top 5 firm Memory Foam Mattress 2018

Here is a concise list of some firm memory foam mattress for less than $ 1,000. 

1. Brooklyn Bedding:

firm memory foam mattress

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Brooklyn bedding is a latex foam mattress. It is manufacturing in its factory. Much discussion about the superior comfort of memory foam, but viscoelasticity offers too soft according to people’s tastes.

  • Brooklyn Bedding is soft without excessive sinking ability and makes latex bedding ideal for people who do not sleep well to find softer mattresses. Brooklyn Bedding Latex Mattresses do not heat up like any other type of foam.
  • It has three levels of ruggedness. The first level of firmness is more soft and perfect for the sleeper. The second level is medium firm and may be too firm for street sleepers.
  • This mattress good for back sleepers. The inner core consists of Talalay Latex, Dunlop Latex.
  • It is 6 “High-Density” Polyurethane Foam, a potent blend that works together to create a beautiful sleeping surface.

Brooklyn mattress is making in the USA and has mildew proof, hypoallergenic and dust-proof function can withstand a comfortable sleeping environment. For more details Click to read the full review.

2. Layla Mattress:

firm memory foam mattress

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Layla is memory foam mattress. It is a particular mattress and patented US copper injection memory foam. It uses the highest quality materials, high copper, and joint pain fighting capabilities.

Also helps to match inflammation. The mattress has two different levels, and you can quickly flip it for extra comfort.

  • Layla has a very uncommon feature where one side is soft, and the other side is hard. Lyla brings the much-needed versatility.
  • It meets most of the people’s requirements. The product promotes better blood circulation because it sleeps near the copper. This will enhance your overall physical function and improve health.

Layla offers a lifetime warranty, but this should not impress you because it includes only the manufacturer’s flaws. For more details Click to read the full review.

3. Casper Mattress:

firm memory foam mattress

It is a hybrid firm memory foam mattress. Casper mattresses are the perfect combination of latex and memory foam that also provides the best service at a reasonable price.

In Casper memory foam established as one of the best support surfaces. The reason is that it allows you to sink into the foam soft and comfortably. Memory foam retains pressure on your hips, shoulders, back, and head.

  • Casper suppleness also makes it difficult to adjust and most people do not have a rebound in contact with the mattress.
  • It is a latex base foam mattress. The user will get a resilient rebound to get up more easily and enjoy more motion of the bed.

Caspar is a great side mattress. Casper also offers a 10-year warranty and is made in the United States. For more details Click to read the full review.

4. Bear Mattress:

firm memory foam mattress

Bear Mattress is a high firm memory foam mattress. At first glance, its look like conventional memory foam, the Celliant’s cover does indeed make it top of the other. It is functionally superior.

The primary purpose of this implementation is to convert the heat generated by your body into infrared light.

  • Bear mattress reflects your skin, which induces a better feeling of sleep. This is a good proposition, which is very interesting when you think about it.
  • It also provides extra movement isolation to ensure the comfort of you and your sleeping partner. In additional benefit is that the product has a gel infused layer foam.
  • It is conveniently set on a layer of responsive foam. When you combine the two, this helps to maintain an overly cool sleep temperature, which enhances the overall feeling.

More importantly, it facilitates further consolidation, which you should always look forward to. Click to read the full review.

5. Saatva Mattress:

firm memory foam mattress


The Saatva is an Innerspring which is also a very high firm memory foam mattress and also a famous for the price around $1000.

  • It is a highly acclaimed online based company. There is no other way to get their product out of sight. But anyone can order it over the internet. They focus on the production of built-in spring mattresses, which are known for offering a range of different solid options.
  • Saatva usually based on your personal preferences and personal needs. The company is reliable, and it has been around for quite some time.
  • It resonates within the community and considers as one of the high-quality manufacturers available today.

While most people have switched to latex and memory foam so, many still want to rely on the old-school, in the innerspring. For more details Click to read the full Saatva review.

Expectation of firm memory foam mattress around 1000$

The user does not need to spend $ 5,000 to buy an amazing mattress. Support, reliability, and comfort can easily be achieved much less than this price. High-quality mattresses under $ 1,000 are not hard to find, and certainly, their features and benefits are quite good.

Beds under $ 1,000, you can expect high quality and high volumes of spring foam.

When you want to choose memory foam, you will be able to find a mattress that offers several layers of high-end foam to enhance support. The latter usually changes within soft, medium or firm, covering the vast majority of choices.

For this budget you can also expect to get high-quality stitching, promises to last a long time. And a comprehensive and reasonable assurance that you will be able to take advantage if you need it.


One of the major differences is the lifetime warranty that most very expensive and premium products offer. However, the thing is, no mattress will last a lifetime. At the same time, this warranty is only to deal with the manufacturer’s shortcomings. It does not make much difference.


There are plenty of firm memory foam mattresses to keep you feeling good. Protecting your joints and spine, and feeling soft and comfortable. Get the product that suits you best according to budget and quality.

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