Eight Sleep Mattress Review Guide 2018

Review Of Eight Sleep Mattress- A Mattress of Long Term?

Eight sleep mattress is one of the most innovative memory foam mattresses on the market today. Like many beds, Eight Sleep Mattress are made entirely multi-layers of foam; in fact, it consists of four separate foam layers. Smart sleep tracking features and technology of Eight sleep mattress is different from other beds.

It has built-in technology that allows you to track the trend of sleep data on smartphones. There is a smart application to control theintelligent alarm function.

There are many more features available in Eight sleep mattress. Now I will discuss Eight Sleep beds in detail. Some awesome memory foam mattress those are also highly recommendable for back pain & joint pain Here.

Foam Layer Structure Of Eight Sleep Mattress

eight sleep mattressThe Eight sleep mattress is consist of four separate high-quality foams- 2-inch reactive foam; 2-inch memory foam; 2-inch transition foam and 4-inch density support foam. Combining all these foam layers, the eight of the eight sleep mattress is 10 inches in total.

1. Top layer – The top layer of Eight sleep Mattress contains 2-inch reactive foam. The bed design offers the first-class comfort, but also provides a cooling effect. The memory foam has a fast reaction time, enabling it to react quickly to form its original shape and tocontrol the weight of the body. The top layer of the foam has a density of 3 pounds per cubic foot.

2. The second layer- Height is 2-inch memory foam. Place a layer of memory foam under a more sensitive first layer. So that the second layer adapted to the body without letting feel trapped on the mattress. The second layer of the eight beds is 4 pounds per pound of cubic meters.

3. The Third layer –  The layer consists of 2-inch transition foam. This segment provides support and also serves as a stronger layer of the comfort layer and the upper layer of the base foam.

4. Base layer – The fourth and final segments of the mattress consist of a 4-inch high-density support foam. As the basis of the bed, the Eight sleep mattress provides low compression support on the fourth floor.The high-density comfortable foam keeps the mattress shape and overall integrity at a density of 1.8 lb/ft.

eight sleep mattress

Charming Features Of Eight Mattress?

✚  Improved and new Sleep Tracking Technology – This innovative technology can connect to your smartphone. So that you can track your sleep and perform other incredible things such as setting the alarm clock. If you want to know exactly how you are sleeping, how many times do you throw, turn, relax when you breathe, sleep depth and so on.

✚  Those who want sensitive mattress – The top of the raw foam, the bed offers a degree of memory foam like hugs and silhouettes. But still, creates an appropriate response level. In this way, you will never be troubled by overly surrounded foam.

✚  Sleeping Flexibility – Eight mattresses provide motion transfer properties. While your partner is running on a regular basis, this feature ensures no interference. In fact, if you rest on this mattress, you will not feel that another person is sleeping with you.

✚  Concerned about price – If you want to buy Eight Sleep Mattress. It offers an affordable price, and the price is $ 575 (approx)  full size. The amount will vary from size to size. Such as the queen is $ 850, King $ 950Their discounts are usually as high as 20%.The mattress has a high-quality foam and should be quite durable. Given this, you can get great value from this bed.

✚   Warranty Information – Longevity is also an essential factor in choosing a new bed. We know that, in general, mattresses over ten years can be considered a good mattress. Although this is not a rule, just a hypothesis. Some beds have provided excellent performance over a decade.

The Eight Sleep Mattresses guarantee a 10-year extended warranty period. Their services also offer a 100 day trial period and a refund guarantee. So if you consider longevity and intelligence technology, it will be the best option.

eight sleep mattress

Rethink some features

−  If you are not interested in smart technology – Some users may not find the useful technique, rather than using more technology. Anyone who wants to use a mattress without digital technology, then it will not suit for you.

− Slowly moveable memory foam – If you get used to more standard memory foam mattresses and slowly fall into the bed, and it surrounds you that this is not you here. In this case, the mattress is not for you.

− Heavier sleepers may not find beds to provide the support or comfort they are seeking.

Brief Information on Sleep Tracker Technology

eight sleep mattress

Eight sleep has several different functions available for sleep tracking system. The most important feature is sleep tacking.

It tracks your sleep pattern, providing you with insight into sleep patterns and ultimately helping you improve sleep. To track sleep, they use the sleep tracking application. This application is for both IOS and Android devices. Some other features, such as smart alarm clock, are fascinating.

The intelligent alert is designed to awaken you when you wake up naturally, almost awake. It especially helps you wake up outside the REM cycle. The smart alarm will wake you up within 30 minutes of the alarm clock. There is also a built-in bed heater. You can manually place the bed heater on the timer, or even set a schedule.

At a glance feature of Sleep Tracker

 Check out nighttime data about sleep and see trends over time

 There is a “smart” alarm function

 You can run a sleep experiment to see how different content affects your rest.

 Family integration (using IFTTT)

 White noise player

 Bed on each side of the bed warmer


Overall, Eight Sleep Mattresses are comfortable, supportive, and responsive. However, Eight Sleep technologies are unique compared to another mattress. The most attractive feature of this bed is the tracking method, where sleepers can receive sleep data and trends. Sleep tracking system has some other features too. So if you are interested in improving sleep and want to test digital technology, Eight Sleep is a good choice. Here you can check Eight Sleep Mattress company.

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