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We are a team of writers, bloggers of Hometipscoach.com. The page will disclose the home tips coach working process, procedures. We will try to clear up any confusion about how we create the content of this website, what our relationships are with the manufacturers in the industry.

HomeTipsCoach always believes in honesty, punctuality, transparency and hard work to provide useful contents for the customers Or readers of HomeTipsCoach.com. We are also publishing this information to be by the FTC’s.

Content Writing Process: What Criteria do we use in Writing?

In writing, reviews & guide to any product for our website niche is fully handwriting by our professional writers, bloggers. Before we start writing about any product we personally tested and also research for customer demands and previous trend. 

Some writing criteria of Hometipscoach.com-

  • Product must have more than 90% market testimonial
  • Relevant to our website Niche.
  • Uniqueness of the Products Which we call real manufacturer
  • Safe & healthier Products

HomeTipsCoach always thinks about some basic Question in writing Process:

1. Does it meet our corporate vision and business strategy?

2. Can we master the technology?

3. Does it meet a customer need?

4. Can we make money quickly? 

6. Does it go where the brand leads?

Affiliate Program / Referral Links

Our website content contains affiliate links or referral links or Adsense which is for our income purpose. We also declared that if you click on our affiliate links and make any purchase, our website will generate income. This is essential parts of our website discloser because our team income comes from the site contents. So your help & cooperation is very necessary for our company.

This should also clear you that if you make buy from our referral links which have no additional cost. You can buy the authority or in manufactured price that is already in the market price. The good news is that you will save some money if you buy from coupon discount which is for reselling buyer or dealers. Our coupon provides you some compensation which will reduce the cost of the products.

The commission is not from all companies or manufacturer, so our target is to provide quality content which looks like a 100% true & fair review guide for the customers.

Sponsored Content

We do allow sponsored content on our website if the content will fulfill our requirements. Hometipscoach does not hire any third party content until the content is not customer oriented or in the change of money.

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