Casper Mattress Reviews 2020


Casper Mattress company is one of the first mattress companies to combine the comfort of the premium latex foam with the support layer’memory foam to create a warm contour while keeping cool temperatures and good bounces. Now there are so many other modern mattresses on the market, why anyone buys this bed?

To clarify, please read our details carefully, and we will discuss the different aspects and characteristics of Casper mattresses. 

Initial Structure Of Casper Mattress

Casper Mattress is a full foam mattress with four different layers of foam.

✤ Very first layer – 1.5 “responds to the foam. This layer usually provides most of the comfort, cooling, and elasticity of the mattress.

✤ Structure of the second layer (memory foam) – 1.5 “memory foam. This segment provides support, pressure relief, Back pain & Joint Pain. It is placed under the foam layer to help avoid any potential insulation problems caused by the memory foam. Its density is about 4.0 PCF (Pounds per cubic foot).

✤ Structure of the third layer (supporting foam layer) – 1.5 “foam is a transitional poly foam designed to help relieve for the sleepers. It has a density approximately 2.5 PCF.

✤  Bottom layer (support foam) – 5.0 “support foam. This segment of foam as the basis for the mattress. It supports the upper layer. It has a density of 1.8 PCF.

Casper Mattress Firmness And Supportive Layer

The Casper Mattress provides a medium feel for the sleepers. Casper is a “universal comfortable” or integrated mattress design. The choice of foam and materials is because they create a design that is appropriate for most sleepers. I evaluated Casper in the firmness scale of 6.5 points out of 10.

Casper’s hugs and silhouettes are a mixture of latex and memory bubbles. Its contour is very close to the body compared to the memory foam.

When you are lying in Casper, how much you sink depends on your weight (see below my sinking analysis). Memory foam layer sinking provides a more silhouette than the average latex mattress, but you usually still have this feeling. It uses a latex-like foam and a breathable cover. The Casper design allows you not to sleep “hot”.  According to my experience, I have no problem that Casper sleeps too hot.

Sinking Test Of Casper Mattress

In this reviews, I like to do four different sinking tests. These tests were done to provide you with a general idea of weight-based sinking. I use a variety of pills for this analysis because your weight and sleep position and body shape can cause different forces on the bed.

For this test, I used (from left to right) a 6-pound medium ball, an 8-pound mid-range ball, a 10-pound ball and a 50-pound ball.

The result of the sink (in.) Is:

 6 pounds of drug balls: 2 inches sank.

✤ 8 lbs. Balls: 2.5 inches tub.

✤ 10 pounds of steel balls: 3.5 inches of falling.

✤ 50 pounds of drug balls: 6 inches dropped.

 We can see the ball lead to differences in sinking – but not high. In my own experience, I found the mattress to make my spine in all the sleep position (which is the goal of any mattress).

Ability Of Motion Isolation of Casper Mattress

It is one of the most important features, especially for couples. This property ensures no disturbance of your partner while sleeping together. If you turn and toss continuously, for this property, your partner will not feel any disturbance.

However, anyone will be pleased to know that most customers believe that Casper is doing very well in this respect.

Details Warranty information And Issues Of Casper Mattress

Casper offers a ten-year limited warranty mattress. Only the person who originally purchased the bed can use it, and if you sell it or give it to someone, you can not transfer it to ensure that the original receipt retained.

As long as you use the mattress for the intended purpose and place it on an appropriate basis, the warranty will cover any defects in the material and the craft.

✤ “Defects” cover a wide variety of things, including splitting / cracking, dropping more than 1 inch and broken zippers.

✤ If you are sure the mattress is too firm / not high enough, the warranty will not cover you.

✤ If you abuse or damage the bed in some way, your warranty will be void.

Bottom line: Properly handle your mattress and read the mattress warranty so that you know what is covered and not covered.

100 Nights Comfortable Guarantee

Casper offers a 100-night trial because it has a unique feel to give your body a few weeks to fit the new mattress. However, if you have any questions for any reason, they will be conducting a 100-day trial. If you feel that the bed does not meet your needs, you can make a full refund. It means that you do not have any additional fees or any other hidden charges. They just sent someone to pick up, you finished.

Otherwise, the rejected mattress will be donated to local charities or reclaimed according to local regulations.

Leading Features Of Casper Mattress

✤ Those who are looking for a mattress which offers the benefits of latex and memory foam. Then Casper mattress is the best option.

✤ Very sleeping friendly throughout the night – Casper should accommodate back, abdomen and side.

✤ Do you like the idea of buying an online mattress – but want to build a brand with a lot of consumer reviews, then Casper is the best option.

✤ Value consciousness -You want to invest in a quality mattress, but you do not want to erase your bank account.

At a glance-

✤ Overall real owners comment.

✤ Good 100-night trial.

✤ Multi-functional and innovative design.

✤ It is a new brand with limited data

✤ Only one model is available


I hope these Casper mattress reviews help you to decide between buying this mattress. Casper is one of the brands that mainstream online mattress shopping.

And can also be available at the National Target store. So they are the few “only” Mattress company, most people can find a nearby location before buying actually to lie down.

Overall, my experience with Casper is very positive – the comfort of the mattress is different. With their free sleep trial, if Casper’s mattress attracts you, you can buy without thinking twice.

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