The 10 Best Seat Belt Pillow Reviews 2020


Many of us must have a long trip by car, coach, plane or boat planned this summer to reach an event or holiday destination. And the best way to deal with this trip is to feel comfortable and sleepy until you arrive and feel refreshed. The only way to sleep well is a decent travel seat belt pillow. We have tried a bunch of different but beautiful seat belt pillows to find the best sleeping companion out there on the market.

We tried inflatable, foam and those with microbead fillings. As well as a variety of shapes, from the traditional U-shape to the full headcovers. We took these products on trains, aeroplanes, and automobiles on trips ranging from one to five hours to test pillows and ensure they met our essential controls. Our considerations are:

  • Comfort
  • Easy setup and packing
  • The actual amount of sleep we had

Now I will discuss with you 10 best seat belt pillow that will help to buy an adjustable pillow- Combination & comparison with different Pillows.

You are finding your preferred sleeping position Or movement of sleeping Or the habit of sleeping position.

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10 Best Seat Belt Pillow Reviews

Seat Belt Pillow For Kids

#1. For Best Firm Support: Aeris Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow

If your first consideration is to take rest and support, then you should consider Aeris Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow. There are four colors (purple, black, brown or blue).

Aeris is a full sleeping package with a mask, earbuds and carrying bags. Made of high-quality memory foam, Aeris keeps firmer and ventilated, so that your neck pillow will not feel hot. 

It has the features of a soft-removable plush cover and easy to wash. Pillow size is 10.8*10*3.6 inches, compressible, suitable for carrying luggage. It weighs 12.3 ounces, with standard “U” design.

#2. Best Inflatable: AirComfy Push Button Inflatable Daydreamer

If you want to save your luggage space, an inflatable neck pillow may be the perfect option. AirComfy Push Button Inflatable Daydreamer by AirComfy takes less than a minute to inflate with just pressing a button.

Since you can use the built-in inflatable pump to control the amount of air, you can also control the firmness of the pillow. The micro-fluffy material provided with it is soft and easily cleanable.

After deflation, you can put the pillow in its shell. The “U-shaped” pillow has a size of 11*11*3.5 inches that weighs only 8.8 ounces.

#3. Best of Versatility: Huzi Infinity Pillow

Huzi Infinity Travel Pillow is a Kickstarter project that comes to life with a lot of potentialities. They made a pillow that will perfectly suit the unsatisfied travelers who want more than a pillow thing. Its long scarf design allows you to twist and turn the pillow to support any part of your body.

When you sleep, put it on your neck, or when you watch the movie in flight, rest your lower back it. It is washable in machines. You can carry it and use it around the house, in the car, library or anywhere.

For the loop-shaped nature of it, you can wrap around the luggage and handle for easy carrying. But the pillow itself is quite bulky(10*6.5*6.5 inches) and may be difficult to squeeze.

#4. Best Design: J Pillow

J Pillow was founded in the UK, presenting a unique “J-shaped” design. It adds support for the neck and head to make it ideal for people who will have a side around when sleeping. The top button makes the pillow easy to carry or attached to the trunk.

The pillow is easily washable in the washing machine. Soft multi-functional pillows can also be in use in the back of the head for higher head support. Pillows are only in navy blue color, has a size of 11.8*7.9*13 inches and weighs 7.5 ounces. When you are in the window seat, the J pillow is particularly useful, but you can also use for center or aisle seats. It packs up tinier than most travel pillows.

#5. Best for Lower Back: AirComfy Lumbar

AirComfy waist pillow is for passengers with low back pain. It is also usable as a neck support. The pillow is different from the standard wrap design but is a self-inflatable airbag that supports your desired place. The fabric is soft and silky, and you can adjust the amount of air to support your neck or back. A strap makes the pillow easy to tie to a headrest or chair when using it as a neck pillow.

So, When you sleepy, it will not fall to the ground. The pillow weights less than half a pound and comes with a storage bag. You can easily clip this outside of your luggage.

#6. Best Tray Table Pillow: Comroll Travel Pillow

If you find your head leaning against the tray and try to close your eyes, then Comroll Travel Pillow is the one for you. While most tray pillows are huge and bulky, the Comroll Travel Pillow is fast and easy to inflate. So you can compress it into a small bag that can be attached to the luggage.

The design of this pillow allows travelers to put their faces on the pillow – when necessary to join the dark. You can comfortably put your arms on the pillow hole and rest or nap. Ergonomic design adds front support and also has a soft, washable material.

#7. Best Chin Support: BCozzy

If you often find yourself nodding on the plane suddenly wakes up with a bump on the head or chin, the BCozzy travel pillow is the sure thing for you. In BCozzy, there is a chin to support! BCozzy Pillows have a classic “U-shaped” design and has improved support behind the forehead.

The pillow can be folded to help travelers who rest their head to the other side. Adults (12*10*3.5 inches) or children (9.5*8*2.5 inches) are the two sizes available. You can work it out with the aisle, middle or window seats. BCozzy is made from washable polyester and compressed into a backpack or carry it with you. It comes with colors of pink, red, gray or blue.

#8. Best Classic: My Pillow Roll and Go

For a good old-fashioned pillow, My Pillow Roll and Go to do the work. It comes with a convenient “travel twist” formula to make it easy to carry. Rectangular pillows rolled into their small bags, compressed down to transport. It is of soft, washable fabric.

Roll and Go has patented polyfill that keeps the pillow preventing from overheat. There are 10 colors and designs available. The product is made in the United States.

It has a size of 17*11*4.8 inches, but you can double it to use in the office or at home. The Amazon satisfaction list points out that it is a great pillow for the window seat (it can make fluffy to fit the larger space) or aisle and middle seats.

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