Best Tool Belt Suspenders (2020)


A professionals’ best harness, tool belts with suspenders are a perfect match for these group of people. As such, I am selecting the best tool belt suspenders can be a challenging ordeal, especially when the alternatives are almost similar. Hence, one has to do detailed research in the endeavors of selecting the best product. Therefore, this paper has come up with one of the best tool suspenders available today. These products, however, defer in terms of manufacturing and the amount they cost.

Nonetheless, these accessories will give one comfort and reduce the weight from one’s waist; in the process, this product relieves back pains. As such, no matter one’s profession, if one has to wear a tool belt, chances are high of one carrying heavy tools. Hence, with such comfort, these accessories will be valuable. Although tool belts are the best solution to hauling a heavy load of tools around, they can often slide down the waist (Best Tool Belt, 2019).

According to Tool Freak (2018), a tool belt suspender is a harness to support one’s tool belt against one’s back and chest. As such, a tool belt suspender would distribute all overweight on one’s shoulder and back, so one does not have an unraveling pressure on one’s belt.
Accordingly, this product carries gears that are of heavyweight; the waist alone cannot take on the weight; it just might pull your pant down. As a result, this accessory will be very useful in making one’s day. According to Tool Ever (2019), this accessory is a convenient tool organizer for holding tools and keeping them within reach when working.

However, when loading a lot of tools in it, one will introduce a lot of weight around one’s waist area. As such, one might begin to experience pain around the waist region and overall body fatigue. Sometimes the extra weight will make one start pulling up pants occasionally while working. This accessory comes in handy at ensuring that pressure from the tool belt is evenly distributed across the body.
According to research, these accessories also ensure that your pants remain up and your shirts down and not the other way round. Nevertheless, when one wears the belt, it slides down the waist, may dig into one’s hips. More so, a weighted tool belt digging in one’s bones, it can cause severe pain, and eventually, one will experience back problems.

Best Tool Belt Suspenders Reviews 2020

1. Occidental Leather 5055 Stronghold Suspension System

Occidental Leather 5055 Stronghold Suspension System
3,367 Reviews
Occidental Leather 5055 Stronghold Suspension System
  • Even Load Distribution. Exceptional Comfort
  • Pockets for Pencils or Clip-On Items Located on Both Sides of System
  • Easy On-Off

According to the Best Tool Belt (2019), when it comes to the best tool belt suspenders available, no one does it better than Occidental. Occidental has long been a name synonymous with quality tool belts and tool belt accessories, including suspenders. As such, the Occidental 5055 Stronghold Suspension System is no exception to the rule. This product delivers the best quality, comfortability, and durability one will be looking for in their profession.

According to Tool Ever, unlike most tool belts that only have hooks to attach to tool belt rings, this particular one also has leather hoops. The hoops come in handy, especially when attaching the suspenders to tool belts that do not already have suspenders attachment points. They further accommodate straps as full as 3 inches. This product has excellent features and great benefits one can expect.

Hence, it is one of the products one can own as professionals. These products will please customers and will be favored by customers, and one will purchase these with no hesitation. This accessory is very comfortable and comes as the real value for one’s money.

According to Tool Ever, sometimes the storage of tools and tool organizers can be a problem. Fortunately, one does not have to worry about storing this suspension rig. It has a heavy-duty steel D-ring at the center of the edge of the yoke that one can use to hang it on the wall. As such, one can get extra slots at the chest area for storing pencils and pens as well as hooking up additional tools such as a tape measure.

  • This product has a balanced load distribution.
  • No-slip or slide 1-inch straps.
  • It has a comfortable design.
  • It is easy on and off.
  • It comes in one size fits all.
  • Factory-made with thick, heavy-duty leather straps.
  • It has a loop attachment for a belt up to 3 inches.
  • There is a heavy-duty D-ring.
  • Thee suspenders might not accommodate a tall person.
  • This Tool is a bit heavy on the side.

2. ToughBuilt – Padded Suspenders

TOUGHBUILT TOU-CT-51 TB-CT-51 Padded Suspenders
1,980 Reviews
TOUGHBUILT TOU-CT-51 TB-CT-51 Padded Suspenders
  • HEAVY DUTY - Made with high-quality, durable fabric, extreme-duty steel hardware and rivet reinforcement,...
  • FUNCTIONAL - The ToughBuilt Padded Suspenders provide the ultimate comfort. Its cushioned padding evenly...
  • VERSATILE - Compatible with all ToughBuilt padded tool belts. It features two attachment points at the...

According to Tool Ever (2019), This tool belt suspender is factory-made for universal use. It does not accommodate or come as an electrician tool belt. As researched, this suspension rig is designed for widespread use on tool belt tool organizers that have at least four suspenders attachment points. It is factory-made black and made with high quality and durable fabric, heavy-duty steel hardware and rivet reinforcement.

This product also has a chest strap fitted with snap-on buckle. As explained, the strap is adjustable to accommodate various chest sizes, although it does not work very well for people with narrow chests.

Tool Ever (2019) argued that the attachment straps are adjustable to accommodate small and big-bodied people. As such, for contractors already using this product will enjoy twotwo additional attachment points at the shoulders for extra ClipTech pouches.

This product’s comfort coming from using this accessory’s set of padded suspenders is unmatched. Furthermore, one’s will remain cool even during hot weather because of the breathable shoulder pad. It is a product worth all the money and is worth acquiring.

  • It has a ririchh set of suspenders that is not made of leather.
  • It is reasonably priced, budget-friendly making it a great choice.
  • It has extra ClipTech pouches.
  • The clips may break down after a rather short time due to heavy-duty use.
  • Little weight is put on this tool belt.

3. Tool Belt Suspenders by Trade gear

According to Tool Freak, this tool belt suspenders by Trade gear has a cross over the leather divider. It is further factory made of nylon, the straps over the shoulder are of two inches in width and fully padded. The suspender does not weigh much, but it is made of one of the most durable materials, the nylons on the straps and the leather made belts.

Further, as validated by research, the metal clips are sturdy, very well built and can sustain a large load. One will realize that these suspenders are very much comfortable to use. They have the much-needed safety, security, and health benefits professionals may demand. As Tool Freak argues, this product, unlike other suspenders in the market, has the feature of a crossover belt, so the weight is distributed all over one’s back and chest not just on the sides.

  • The nickel-plated locks that attach the suspender to the tool belt are of high quality, reliable and holds their position well.
  • Factory-made of nylon, the straps over the shoulder are of two inches in width and fully padded.
  • The suspenders are very much comfortable.
  • They sometimes keep unlatching at hooks, when they are set down.

4. Brown Bag Company Tool Rider GSX

Brown Bag Company 30290 ToolRider GSX
138 Reviews
Brown Bag Company 30290 ToolRider GSX
  • Patent-pending BODYSHOX suspension and advance gelfoam padding for comfort
  • Breathable lining wicks away perspiration and universal bolt snaps attach to any ring
  • Adjustable chest strap and cell phone holder

As Best Tool Belt (2019) validated, a labor intensive job is rough enough without having to worry about additional strain from a heavy tool belt. This accessory tends to bring about that much-needed wellbeing and desirable comfort. As such, when one’s job requires wearing a tool belt for the convenience of fast and easy access, a person needs a way of reducing the strain and weight of the belt.

Fortunately, according to research, the Brown Bag Company Tool Rider GSX is capable of balancing the heaviness of the tool belt. Henceforth, these suspenders are made with the working man, or woman, in mind. They are perfect for professionals in their respective fields of work. This product provides professionals and individuals alike with the comfort and durability they need to lift their tool belts off their waists and distribute the weight evenly.

This product has a fantastic list of benefits. It will be a customer favorite because of its good quality and excellent make. Nevertheless, this product is a worthwhile purchase for anyone looking to relieve the weight of their tool belt. The key features are listed below.

  • It has a patent-pending BODYSHOX suspension technology.
  • There is a Gel foam padding for additional comfort.
  • Factory-made with a breathable material that helps wick away sweat and perspiration.
  • It is made of universal bolt snaps.
  • There is an adjustable chest strap.
  • There is a cell phone holder.
  • There is a fully adjustable snap hook.
  • This product has limitations in terms of size, and carters for people about 6’5” and up.
  • The straps are a little long for people who are 6ft.
  • The adjusters loosen all by themselves throughout a couple of hours.

5. McGuire-Nicholas BL-30289 Gel foam Suspender

McGuire-Nicholas - BL-30289 30289 Bl- Load Bearing Gelfoam Suspenders...
596 Reviews
McGuire-Nicholas - BL-30289 30289 Bl- Load Bearing Gelfoam Suspenders...
  • Product Type: Tools
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Package Weight: 1.1 lbs

As Tool Freak stated, paddings from this lovely tool belt suspender are made of gel foam. Hence, it is a compressed gel-like foam; this foam does not constrict perspiration and dampen the fabric; instead, it is breathable.

Tool Freak notes that this product has a pocket for a personalized mobile phone. Nevertheless, in reality, it hardly accommodates a flip phone, let alone a full touchscreen phone that is used nowadays. The straps of this suspenders that are to be attached to the tool belt are metallic. Some of the desirable features of this product are below.

  • Paddings are factory-made from gel foam.
  • It has pockets for mobile phones.
  • These suspenders provide comfort over the neck, shoulder, and back.
  • The buckles are massive, built, and entirely adjustable.
  • The overall bag is entirely adjustable to variable heights.
  • This product makes breathing easy as it is breathable and therefore comfortable.
  • The main objective of this accessory is to hold the tool belt in place without any hustle.
  • The zip ties make up for the crappy metal claps.
  • The web straps on these do not stretch much.
  • The metal claps are not slowly built and are brittle, a significant amount of weight and prolonged use may wear them out.
  • The clips are not rigid enough to hold the weight.
  • The zip ties make up for the crappy metal claps, but still, they are a drag.
  • The clips also do not hold in place whenever you bend over with weight on your tool belt the clips release the bags.
  • Sometimes they unclip and release the tool belt.

Guide Before Purchasing The Best Tool Belt Suspenders

If one is looking for a simple and some extraordinarily comfortable or best tool belt suspenders, the selected products are the best in the business nowadays. The selections assessed above will complement individuals and professionals when wearing these accessories extended periods during the day or any working hour.

These accessories are factory-made by time-honored companies that recognize and understands the significance and meaning of tool belts and the comfort they bring. Some of these product’s buckles are massive built and entirely adjustable.

In the list, there are some fairly priced, and budget-friendly accessories making them an excellent choice for professionals. More so, some of the unique materials make most of these suspenders; some come with heavy-duty leather, universal bolt snaps, and nickel-plated locks. This makes the assessed accessories a must has and the requirement for professionals.


A tool belt suspenders draws to attention to individuals’ work rates. So a weight belt will be delicate for an individual. The best products have been assessed above. These bring about comfort to one’s waist and saves an individual from pressure and unnecessary discomfort. Hence, one should choose the best product and not just an accessory that works best for them.

The above products will make individuals and professionals alike to work and wear their tools with security, luxury, and stylishness. The best outcome will make sure that one’s pants remain up, shirts down, and not the other way round. Safety, security, and comfort issues combined are addressed in these accessories.

Consequently, the workflow will be complemented hence improving the possibility of positive results being the outcome in the workplace or at home. The most important part about any of these products is acquiring the best for an individual. One needs to purchase an accessory that complements its budget, that suits their working environment, and that is luxurious.

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