Best Mattress for Heavy Side Sleepers 2020


Today I have chosen the topic “Best mattress for side sleepers”. In the last few years, we are experiencing that people are the different sleeping habit and extremely thinking about the right mattress for sound sleeping.

When choosing your next new mattress then hard, support and pelvic rotation are all key considerations. Unlike back sleepers, the side-bearers are less likely to fight snoring or airflow problems, but they may have hip, back or neck pain.

Sleepopolis recommends the following mattress for use on the side. The following mattress:

  • Provide good support.
  • Have a soft to moderate sense of firmness (3-10 points out of 10, of which 10 points are the most firm).
  • Sufficient support to prevent or limit pelvic rotation.
  • Create a natural curve silhouette by lying on your side.
  • Breathing well to improve mattress cooling

We like the pain on the shoulders and buttocks of the Layla mattress lying in bed because it is flip-flops – two sides are working on the side sleeper.

There is a magical way to solve the pain in the shoulders and buttocks, depending on you and your preferences (can over time)!

So, with a mattress, you can have two options to suit your liking and may be an excellent solution to the sleeper with lateral or hip pain. 

Choose Mattress for Heavy Side Sleepers

  • Innerspring Mattress

We like WinkBeds sleeping mattresses because it has a little more extra foam than most of the spring mattresses on the market.

While traditional built-in springs still have many people’s liking, the extra foam also provides enough additional pressure on the hips and shoulders to bring a noticeable effect to the side. WinkBeds also offers a soft option that some side-lovers may prefer, as well as a sleepy alternative.

  • Memory Foam Mattress

Amerisleep has several Memory Foam Mattresses and is an excellent choice for sleeping. They range from AS1 to AS5, AS3, AS4, and AS5 are on the softer side, and fit to the side (in my opinion).

These mattresses are high-quality memory foam that offers the classic silhouette and supportive feel to many aspects of sleeper worship.

  • Sleeping Mattress for Back Pain

Many mattresses can help back to bed when the first thought is coming from the foundation of Alexander Hybrid.

Alexander Hybrid is a mixed mattress. It provides a right balance of comfort and support, making it easy to adjust your sleeping position to quickly adjust the spine and handle stress points in your body.

  • Best Custom Mattress

If done right, this process will keep you in a good position. One side of the dream in the same, support and comfort!

This process requires you to complete a quiz about your body characteristics and preferences. It allows the couple to complete a questionnaire so that each side of the bed caters to every sleeper.

  • Best Mattress for Side Sleeping Pressure Relief

The purple mattress has a unique gel comfort layer structure. It leads to some of the best stress relievers we tested in the sleeping area, especially when lying on your side. While you might think that “raw egg testing” is just a marketing strategy, it shows that purple mattresses make a breakthrough in decompression.

Purple mattress plays an excellent job of reducing stress and at the same time provides a feeling of support. The gel layer used in purple is not anything else I’ve tested on the market – although it may take some custom, I think it is very comfortable.


For the sleeper, you will want to find a substantial degree of weakness. Soft mattresses (excellent support) will help relieve stress on your neck and back due to the essential attributes of the side.

Due to the nature of the position soft or medium-hardness mattresses allow your body to sink more into the bed, which will contour the mattress.

  • Support

A good support mattress will relieve pressure points and keep your spine, neck, back aligned. This is especially essential with the lateral, because your spine may misplace.

It should note that support is not the same as being rigid. Looking for a new mattress to meet your sleeper needs, you will want to find bedding that matches your body shape.

Foam mattresses offer many advantages for side sleepers, but it is also useful to create well-designed and built-in spring mattresses.

The actual position of the side pillow can vary significantly. Some of the most popular include the following forms:

  • Log – legs fully extended
  • Dash – one leg straight, one leg bent
  • Fetus – legs curled on the knee
  • As the sleeper changes position at night, support is the key to ensuring that your mattress shapes correctly throughout the night.



Pelvic rotation is the result of back muscles and lumbar disorders. Because of the sleeper twists or curls his legs up against the upper body. For example,“Sprinter.”

One leg of this person is quite straight; the other leg is bent. It tends to shift his or her upper body to a stomach-sleeping position with the lower body remaining on the side. This rotation can cause any back and neck pain.

There is no perfect solution to prevent the pelvis from rotating, but there are a few things that can help you are given below-

  • Try to train yourself to sleep and keep your spine in line.
  • Use a pillow between your legs to keep the spine aligned.
  • This will help prevent pressure points that may currently cause you to sleep in a position that causes more pelvic rotation.



You may have a perfect, comfortable mattress. Without a proper pad, you can still find that your sleep experience is less than ideal. Due to the increased (and somewhat more complicated) support needs, quality pillows are crucial to side sleepers.

Pillows made of latex foam, memory foam, or other polyurethane foam help to provide consistent and stable support by reacting to different pressures on the head and neck. You will want to find a pillow high enough to hug your head and neck, but not so high that a new pressure is introduced.

Also, many side sleepers use pillows between their legs. This helps to counteract pelvic rotation while also relieving back pressure.

The advent of foam pillows in the 1990s was a miracle for sleepers. Foam pillows provide excellent support and softness and adequately support the side pillow and neck.


I the above review of Best Mattress for side sleepers helps the buyer to choose the right and best fit mattress. Our research team always testing many mattresses to provide accurate information to the customers.

We always recommend some great mattresses for you which will help to sound sleep as well as reduce the back pain and side sleepers.


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