10 Best Kids Tool Belts Reviews ( 2019 )


Kids tools belt make up a big part of their hobbies. Your kid’s tool belt is going to have to survive a lot of different activities. That’s why you need to choose from among the best kids tool belt on the market. While they are busy playing “Bob the Builder” with you, your child needs easy access to their instruments.

Also, you need the best quality possible. Imagine playing dress up, show-and-tell activities at school and learning different skills. You need a tool belt you can rely on for the job. At this point, you are probably wondering how to select the best one.

When choosing the kid’s tool belt for your child, certain features cannot be compromised. As a fellow parent, I know you also don’t want to break the bank on it! I have narrowed down the list to 5 best tool belts for kids.

My personal favorite is the “Born Tough 10-Pocket Suede Leather Kids Tool Belt” (listed number 1). This kids tool belt has the perfect balance between function, style, and budget. It’s reasonably priced for the good quality material. Also, it has additional tools, so you know exactly what goes where. It all fits in there because of the many pockets. It looks like a mini professional tool belt. It meets the standard.

Top 5 Best Kids Tool Belts Reviews 2020

1. Born Tough 10-Pocket Suede Leather Kids Tool Belt

Born Tough 4-PRW 9-pocket Suede Leather Women's Pink Tool Belt / Tool...
94 Reviews
Born Tough 4-PRW 9-pocket Suede Leather Women's Pink Tool Belt / Tool...
  • Specially designed for women
  • 2 large main pockets
  • 6 small tool pockets

It has a good number of pockets (10) and is made of durable Suede Leather material. The two main pockets are quite big. It also has an adjustable clip-on strap. There are two smaller pockets stitched to the front and six small pockets on the belt sides. It looks like an actual professional workman’s tool belt. It comes with little tools specially made for kids’ hands. This tool belt is available in 2 colours: orange and pink. Its price range is between $23-$27.99.

The size issue can be overlooked since it has an adjustable strap. The price is reasonable because it comes with kids tools. The major setback is the potential staining. It’s a high pick for kids who are interested in practising for projects. The general opinion from users is that this kids tool belt is a great purchase. Online ratings come to about 4.7 out of 5 stars for it.

  • Sturdy: made of durable materials.
  • Looks the part, it strikes me as something a child would be excited about,
  • The adjustable strap is very convenient – kids grow so quickly!
  • Comes with kid-sized tools; saves you the cost of buying tools separately.
  • Two colors to pick from.
  • Fairly priced, value for money-good quality with lots of loops and compartments.
  •    A few complaints about the tool belt staining clothes. A possibility.
  •    Could be too big when tried on – no one fixed size.

2. TOOLTOO Kids Leather Belt- Child Tool Pouch Belt

No products found.

Made of superior material, this kids tool belt is extremely high-end and durable (cowhide material). It has metal hammer loops as well which are quite easy to use. The workmanship on the tool belt is brilliant – will not break easily. Seven large pockets make it a fun tool belt for kids to use. The compartments are made for kids tools like nails and pencils. Designed to fit ages 3-12 years old and is easy to wear for kids.  The bright colours make it attractive to kids. Available in Pink, Red and Green. Its price is around $21.99.

This can be a very fashionable and functional purchase. Worth the money considering the durable materials used. The vibrant colours help make it a perfect gift. The only small annoying thing is maintenance. This kids tool belt needs extra care away from moisture which can be hard with kids. Most users are quite happy with it regardless. It scores a cool 4.8 out of 5 stars on a rating.

  • Will fit the child for a long period (up to 12 years old).
  • Strong, durable material: Steel hammer rings, cowhide suede.
  • Will not break easily.
  • Easy to put on or off.
  • Choice of fashionable colors.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • Plenty of big pockets.
  • It has got an adjustable belt.
  • Does not come with additional tools
  • Needs extra care to avoid moisture damage.
  • Colour is delicate (must be kept away from sunlight).

3. Fellibay Kids Tool Belt (Unique Design)

Fellibay Kids Tool Belt Child's Tool Pouch Working Tool Pouch Hammer...
45 Reviews
Fellibay Kids Tool Belt Child's Tool Pouch Working Tool Pouch Hammer...
  • Structure: Tool pouch have 5 pockets including 2 large tool pockets, 2 nail pouches, 1 tape measure pouch...
  • Special Part: A real fiber tool belt with hammer loops, allow little kids to easily stow the hammer...
  • Flexible Belt: The adjustable waistband is a great length to accommodate many sizes and the width is also...

This tool belt has five pockets including two large ones. Also, it has two nail compartments. There are two steel hammer rings and one tape measure pouch. The five pockets are good for items like pliers, nails and pencils. They can also accommodate screwdrivers, sockets and wrenches.

This kids tool belt is made of Super Fibre. It’s special because it allows children to store the hammer without folding over easily. The metal hammer loops don’t fold or constrict like other tool belts. It comes with an adjustable waistband, comfortable for ages 3-10 years old. Available in yellow. The design makes it easy to wear for kids — affordable, priced around $17.99.

It’s a very basic, no-frills tool belt for kids. The material is quite strong and the design unique. It should last years, great for handing down between kids. It’s a purchase for someone like me with an eye for quality but budget conscious too! The only downsides: no variety of colours and no additional tools. This kids tool belt has impressive online ratings of 5 out of 5 stars.

  • Price is great (budget beater!)
  • Has a decent number of pockets
  • Made of durable material especially the hammer loops- safe and sturdy.
  • Belt has good length and is adjusted for smaller children.
  • Great for a variety of everyday uses (dress up, playtime)
  • Only available in yellow.
  • Basic look
  • Does not come with additional tools.

4. My First Tool Set by DIYjr

My First Tool Set by DIYjr – Real Tool Set for Kids Steel Forged...
995 Reviews
My First Tool Set by DIYjr – Real Tool Set for Kids Steel Forged...
  • LEGIT TOOLS FOR LEGIT LITTLE HELPERS – Whether you’re fixing something around the house or working on...
  • 11 PIECE STEEL FORGED TOOL SET – My First Tool Set by DIY Jr. includes: Professional Grade Child’s...
  • REAL TOOLS FOR CHILDREN – If you’ve been looking for a real tool kit for kids to build and learn...

This kids tool belt is made especially to be safe and comfortable for children. It has 11 pieces of REAL tools. Materials used to make the tools are professional grade and durable. They can even be passed down generations! This includes a children’s hammer, pliers and safety glasses.

The tools are designed for children to easily hold and use down to the very weight and length of each item. Adult supervision highly recommended. The belt is adjustable. It also comes with a toolkit bag to carry or store tools when not in use. The price is in the $75.00 range

One of the best kids tool belts as it comes with most things needed. Here, quality meets quantity. You get plenty of items and excellent quality. You will have to pay for it though; it doesn’t come cheap. But considering the quality of the materials, it’s worth every penny. The price is probably the biggest con. It will last generations. The rating on this tool belt is high. It rates at 4.8 out of 5 stars.

  • Specially designed for children.
  • Extremely durable (generation to generation).
  • The perfect size for children, hence safe.
  • It is an adjustable belt.
  • Comes with designer tools.
  • Has many tools (11 pieces).
  • Has a storage bag that helps you to store your staff.
  • High-quality everything!
  • Pricey compared with other kids tool belts.
  • Has all other pieces (may not be needed).
  • Requires strict adult supervision.

5. Active Kids Leather Kids Tool Belt

Active Kyds Real Leather Kids Tool Belt/Child's Tool Pouch for...
1,039 Reviews
Active Kyds Real Leather Kids Tool Belt/Child's Tool Pouch for...
  • THIS KIDS TOOL BELT IS MADE WITH REAL GENUINE SUEDE LEATHER. It won't rip or tear like fabric or plastic.
  • THE STEEL HAMMER LOOPS allow even young children to easily stow the hammer without folding over.
  • ONE YEAR FULL WARRANTY! This includes defects and broken clips. This is one example of how Active Kyds...

A nice kids tool belt made of leather. It has large pockets and steel hammer loops. These allow children to easily pack the hammer away without folding over. The waist size fits ages 3-10 years. The material that it is made of is solid (genuine suede leather). There is a very slim chance of it tearing. Adjustable strap with a buckle. Looks like a classic workman’s belt. Exceptional customer service comes with a FULL 1-year warranty. Defects and broken clips covered in the warranty. Comes in Yellow colour. The price is around $24.99.

Another nice and simple kids tool belt. It’s easy on the eye. The 1-year warranty is a welcome extra that may come in handy. Genuine leather is an attractive and strong material. It’s overall a good tool belt. If there’s any defect within the warranty period, the company is more than helpful. The only possible concerns are that it does not come with additional tools. The pockets may also be a bit bulky for small children under five years. The price is fair considering the good quality leather used. General ratings give this belt an outstanding 4.9 out of 5 stars. Not bad at all.

  • Sturdy and durable material (leather and steel).
  • It has large pockets.
  • Adjustable waist size.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Its price is fair.
  • It looks good.
  • The pockets tend to be bulky for children under five years.
  • Does not come with additional tools.

What are the Benefits of using a kids tool belt?

  • Gardening, building, plumbing are activities that help strengthen your child’s imagination.
  • Having a kids tool belt teaches your child about safety in workspaces.
  • Using a tool belt keeps your child’s tools safe from wear and tear when lying around.
  • Taking part in workmanship can help you hand down important skills to your little ones. It can be a family tradition!
  • Watching you do your DIY is a great way to keep kids out of trouble. Keeps them busy. Helping you means you have an extra set of hands, win-win!


When buying a tool belt for your kid, there are features you shouldn’t compromise on. These are safety and quality. These two factors are sometimes reflected in the price. At times they are not. Either way, don’t be swayed by looks and price. Your child’s safety is a priority. Good quality materials will save you money eventually.

It’s advisable to go with the retailer that offers a product warranty. If anything goes wrong, they will be happy to help. It doesn’t always guarantee good quality of the kid’s tool belt, but it’s a bonus. It shows they care about their customers (and products).

Striking the right balance between these important factors is tricky. But it is possible.


In conclusion, I would say that buying your kid’s tool belt is not only fun but important. There are several factors you need to consider. All these factors need to come together and make sense to you. The deciding factors for me were:

Safety – There is a lot to teach our kids. One of them is that safety comes first. The best way to teach them this is by buying tools that guarantee their safety first.

Quality – The quality of the materials used to make the tool belt is important. If the to belt material is of poor quality, it won’t carry or hold the tools well. That is dangerous. Not only is it dangerous but it is costly.

Whichever factor is most important to you, remember to prioritize it. Stick to your priorities, and you will get your best kids tool belt.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know what size of kids tool belt will fit my child?

Manufacturers will indicate the size of the belt in inches. Twenty-one inches to 32 inches (0.81 m) will fit ages 3-10 years. Most belts come with an adjustable strap.

How long can my child use their kid’s tool belt?

Kids can usually use the belts until around 10-12 years old. A good quality belt will last you till then.

What is the average cost of a kids tool belt?

The price ranges from $17.99 to $75. However, it depends on the materials used.

What Bonus Tips can you look out for?

Always look for good quality materials for different tools belts on the market. If it’s made of cheap material, it probably won’t last. Cheap is expensive. The more durable the material, the longer it will last you.

Check for additional items. Some kids tool belts don’t come with the actual tools. Some come with tools but at the same price as the ones without. Go for the tool belt plus tools combo. Saves you time and money in the long-run!

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