Best Hair Stylist Tool Belts ( 2020 )


All professionals like, electricians, cable technicians, carpenters, or in this case hair stylist need best hair stylist tool belts in endeavors of doing work in their fields. Hence, a high-quality product is needed for each and every job done by these individuals. As such, acquiring one of the finest of products can be a difficult and very discouraging task.

Therefore, certain features and qualities have to be considered when one is looking for the picture-perfect item. Today the market place be it online or in surrounding areas is flooded by the most supreme of products, if one is a hair stylist, it becomes a headache in choosing the best product necessary for smooth work to be conducted.

Nevertheless, here we have assessed and listed some of the best hair stylist tool belts in the market making one’s life very easy in terms of choosing one of these products.

Best Hair Stylist Tool Belts

Best Hair Stylist Tool Belt Reviews  2020

1. Scissor Pouch Holster with Belt for Hairdressers

Scissor Pouch Holster with Belt for Hairdressers, Salon Hair Stylist...
167 Reviews
Scissor Pouch Holster with Belt for Hairdressers, Salon Hair Stylist...
  • Professional Barber Scissor Pouch Holster. Made of Real Leather.
  • 6 scissor pockets and 1 main pocket (for combs, hair salon clips, etc).
  • Detachable Belt With Clip, Fits around waist comfortably.

According to Tool Belt Guru (2019), a lot of people out there opt for the finest tool belt to have and that is the factor people go for this one. This hair stylist tool belt has won the hearts of many people in the business of hair styling.

This product has gained massive popularity amongst people because of the durability and sturdiness. It is this toughness that has made this product a customer favorite. As validated, this is basically a professional barber Scissor Pouch Holster and it features the real leather as well. As such, this makeup product holder features almost 6 scissor pockets and also 1 main pocket for keeping the hair salon clips, combs, and many more tools and accessories (Tool Belt Guru, 2019).

This is a product like no other because it has lots of features like the detachable belt along with the clip and it simply fits around the waist comfortably. This comfortability is one of those features that make this accessory one of the most acquired items by hair stylist professionals.

Apart from this, it is fairly lightweight meaning that it demands little effort to use. This is why one can basically carry it along to whichever place they wish to be working or doing their professional duties. Hence, one will not feel uncomfortable when they are strapped in this accessory. More so, it carries as many tools as possible.

  • It is durable.
  • This product is water resistant.
  • Multiple storages.
  • Equally lightweight.
  • There is a detachable belt along with the clip.
  • Simply fits around the waist comfortably.
  • It is arguably a little small.

2. Large Barber Scissors Pouch with Belt, Salon Hairdresser Tool Bag, Real Leather – Brown

Large Barber Scissors Pouch with Belt, Salon Hairdresser Tool Bag,...
35 Reviews
Large Barber Scissors Pouch with Belt, Salon Hairdresser Tool Bag,...
  • Professional Barber Scissors Holster Holder Pouch. Made Of Real Leather.
  • 4 scissor pockets and 1 main pocket (for combs, hair salon clips, spray bottle etc).
  • Detachable Belt With Clip, Fits around waist comfortably.

If one is looking for a professionals’ hair styling carrier to load all the required tools and accessories, this is one of the best hair stylist tool bags. According to Tool Belt Guru, this is the product one needs to choose. It is the right kind of accessory. It arguably also gains popularity amongst the customers.

This is one of those bags that have multiple storage and numerous pockets. As validated by research, this product features pure leather and this is why it comes with a durable and sturdy option. It comes with almost 4 scissor pockets as well as 1 main pocket.

As validated, this product comes with the minimalist style and it has the space-saving feature. This makes this product spacious and sizable. More features are available in this product, one of the major qualities of the product is that it has a large capacity as well. Hence, this larger volume allows for more load and increases its capabilities.

Tool Belt Guru (2019) stated that the product has a dimension of 7.6 x 6.9 x 1.8 inches (4.57 cm) and a weight of 8 ounces. Therefore, the product features the detachable belt and that also comes with the clip as well. It also fits the waist around comfortably. It is safe and secure to carry; the comfort feature promotes that much-needed ease and coziness.

  • It comes in multiple colors.
  • It is factory made with lots of pockets.
  • There are magnetic bottoms.
  • It is arguably a little small.

3. Hide and Drink, Snap Tool Roll

Hide & Drink, Leather Snap Tool Roll Up Bag (14 Slots), Portable Carry...
235 Reviews
Hide & Drink, Leather Snap Tool Roll Up Bag (14 Slots), Portable Carry...
  • VINTAGE-STYLE TOOL STORAGE: Give your tools a touch of class and a stylish home with this finely...
  • MADE WITH HIGH QUALITY LEATHER: The Tool Roll is hand-cut and handcrafted using only the highest quality...
  • PLENTY OF SPACE FOR YOUR PRIZED TOOLS: With 14 tool slots, you can store a variety of small to medium...

This is one of the best hair stylist tool belts, a professional has to have this product. This will be one of the perfect products one would have chosen. This bourbon brown specific product has the 17 inside pockets as well as seven outside pockets.

The best accessory providing solid comb holders, tape measure holder, and scissors and combs holder amongst others. Its suspension rig, the barber tool bag has almost 100% gel-padded suspenders. Hence, it aids in bringing about comfort for all workers.

As research, the fabric construction of the product comes along with the strong and well-made suspenders as well as the belt for convenience and suitability. This also has the vinyl reinforced pouches along with the three combo bags and cell phone holder too. It comes as a product like no other.

According to Tool Belt Guru, there is a magnetic nail holder, an unquestionably supplementary bonus. Any professional will not have to dig around in the pockets to find these nails.

  • It is a sturdy and convenient product.
  • Factory made with a magnetic bottom.
  • It has an excellent zip closure.
  • It can be a budget strenuous because it is a little bit pricey.

4. Feeko Leather Scissor Holster

This bag, amongst all the hair stylist tool belts, it is one of the finest products to one can ever cherry-pick. Help oneself, this is an impeccable product to own as a professional. Accordingly, it comes from the amazing leather and polyester material. As validated, it being made with such a solid material, it is quite durable and sturdy to start with. It comes with lots of pouches in endeavours of creating room for one’s tools.

Along with lots of pockets, it comes with lots suspenders making it reasonably comfortable. As such an individual can now load and carry tools while working during the day. Amongst other wonderful features, this accessory has a great zip closing option and a great stitching. As such, one will not have to be concerned about the product falling down with tools and accessories as it is quite durable and robust.

  • It is a durable and sturdy product and is made with solid material.
  • It has a water resistant.
  • It has multiple storages.
  • It has more pockets and suspenders for comfort.
  • It is a little bit small.

5. Macs Professional Hair Dressers Scissors Holder Holster

Mac Professional Hair Dressers Scissors Holder Holster /Pouch For...
34 Reviews
Mac Professional Hair Dressers Scissors Holder Holster /Pouch For...
  • Professional Barber Scissors Holster Holder Pouch
  • Made Of Real Bonded Learther
  • 2 Main Pocket With Multipal Pockets For Hold Scissors and razors

As research, if any professional is looking for an amazing hair stylist tool belt, then this can be an excellent tool belt for them. This marvelous product has some astonishing qualities and outstanding features, it has excellent quality material like real leather and that is why it stands as the durable, sturdy and long-lasting merchandise.

As validated, this merchandise has almost 2 main pockets along with lots of pockets for holding scissors and razors. As such, the real bonded leather makes the entire tool belt absolutely durable and sturdy. Almost two main pockets are there, which come along with the excellent detachable belt with the clip. This has the deep industrial kind of nylon tool bags and pouches which have reinforced that come along with the solid leather on the bottom.

The pouches stay open so one can use them with ease and with little hassle. This is one of the finest products available in market places be it online or the market place. Apart from all this, it is the most reliable and dependable accessories that an individual can purchase.

  • It offers ventilation and comfort.
  • The padded pockets do not sag.
  • The product is absolutely budget friendly.
  • It has a one year warranty.
  • Average quality

6. Scissor Pouch Holster For Hairdressers

Scissor Pouch Holster for Hairdressers, Salon Hair Stylist Barber...
12 Reviews
Scissor Pouch Holster for Hairdressers, Salon Hair Stylist Barber...
  • Convenient, Multi-functional Hairdressers Scissors Pouch bag, Material: Soft Real leather .
  • Professional Stylist Scissor Case Can hold 5 pieces of scissors, 4 combs and more hair tools.
  • Ideal for protecting all your valuable scissors, combs and other hair and make-up tools and accessories.

There are lots of hair stylist tool belts available in the recent marketplace and amongst all; this is one of the excellent one (Tool Belt Guru, 2019). Accordingly, this tool belt characterizes great material. As such, it stands as the durable, sturdy and long-lasting product too.

More so, it is argued to be extremely convenient and suitable for the hair stylist and other professionals alike. According to research, this is the Multi-Functional Hairdressers Scissors Pouch bag, it is quite reliable for the hair stylist. As a matter of fact, this accessory is factory made with quality pure leather, it hence becomes one of the most valuable accessories that can be in the hands of these professionals.

The quality of the bag is really good as the material is remarkable. One of the significant facts about this accessory is that has the ability to hold almost 5 pieces of scissors as well as 4 combs and more hair tools. It is an unconditionally amusing and textbook product for merely protecting all of one’s valuable scissors, combs as well as other hair and makeup tools and accessories.

The aid of this product brings efficiency and effectiveness in one’s job. With its aid, therefore, one can keep each and everything unquestionably organized and there are lots of compartments and pockets available. It looks spacious and rightfully so.

  • It has an excellent warranty.
  • Factory made with quality leather, it worth buying.
  • Sturdiness is on another level. It comes in a durable construction.
  • Workers love to be safe and secure in their work space, this product is very comfortable.
  • It has a budget unfriendly high initial cost.

Hair Stylist Tool Belt Buying Guide

Six of the best hair stylist tool belts have been listed, discussed and examined above. Sturdiness and durability were the most addressed concerns in these belts. Most of them if not all are the most durable products available today in the market. They are worth every penny, factory made with solid material, quality leather, magnetic bottoms, lightweight materials, multiple storages, more pockets and suspenders for comfort and water resistant material.

These accessories are undeniably good for one’ pocket and not forgetting one’s professional and accessories are manufactured to last and not to wear and tear. Longevity is their design and strength hence their desirability in the eyes of the customer. Excellent warranty in most of these products has an appealing effect also to its customers.

As such, these merchandises are a must have if one is a serious and a professional hair stylist. Apart from this, comfort is ensured through multiple pockets, light weight material, and padded pouches, all these qualities combine to provide an individual with the most desirable product for hair styling business. As such, best merchandises are listed and discussed above, and any customer will not be denied of their most amiable choice.


Choosing one of these hair stylist tool belts with give professionals plenty of merits. The above products are arguably the best in the business. The above assessed products will be worth every penny. Most if not all of them have high quality material and have high concentration in terms of durability and toughness. Some of these have favourable if not the best features and characteristics making them a must have accessory.

Like the above is not adequate enough, most of these accessories are accompanied with warranties that customers will find most reasonable. Hence, an acquisition of one of these accessories will be a value for any one’s money.

Most of these accessories have adequate pockets so that some important and most necessary tools will be carried throughout the day. Hence, what is most significant is choosing the most relevant accessory to one’s work meeting the daily demands of each and every day work. After all, what is needed is keeping one’s tools buy your side.

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