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As a professional electrician, one needs a variety of tools for this kind of work. This is a demanding field, and sometimes an individual might not know which tools are required for a precise and specific job — as such, having the best electrician tool belt is convenient as it allows a bulky load of various devices.

With a good selection, the best and convenient belt will allow an individual to carry all the necessary accessories needed anywhere and anytime with ease and comfort. More so, the right product will facilitate good health and enjoyment in one’s work. Hence, it will be improving the efficiency of the work rate and the results at this moment achieved.

Before purchase an electrician tool belt, you should read the full review guidelines. We have covered the top 5 best electrician tool belts.

What Should an Electrician Tool Belt Contain?

According to Damn Tools (2018), some essential tools for electrician include small notebook and pen, fish tape, tape measure, tongue tester (millimetre), set of necessary screwdrivers, straight blade screwdriver, wire crimpers, voltmeter, hammer, channel lock pliers, wire strippers, non-contact voltage detector, side cutter diagonal pliers, linesman pliers, torpedo level, flashlight, Allen wrench set (hex set) and razor blade knife (utility knife).

The top electrician tool belts listed and discussed below will offer space to load up all these accessories in this least. Hence, when choosing or thinking of buying or acquiring this accessory, one must put to mind the items, tools apparatus, or gears that need to be contained and loaded.

Best Electrician Tool Belt

5 Best Electrician Tool Belt Reviews 2020

1. Custom Leathercraft 1608

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Electrician's Comfort Lift Combo Tool...
1,228 Reviews
CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Electrician's Comfort Lift Combo Tool...
  • EVEN WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: Unique, padded suspenders on this tool belt are engineered to carry loads...
  • EASY TO CARRY TOOL BELT: The handle design on this tool belt provides simple adjustments for easy...
  • 28 POCKET TOOL BELT: A zippered top flap pouch on this tool belt helps to prevent spillage of tools when...

This is the best electrician tool belt for any electrician. These products do not come any less sophisticated and relevant than this accessory. This first product on our list is a rig tool belt of CLC that is explicitly designed for electricians. According to Sweet Home Spot (2018), Custom LeatherCraft Manufacturing Co. Inc is a renowned manufacturer of work aprons, bucket organizer, tool bags, tool belts, knee pads, and suspenders.

Hence, the evenly distributed weight and the stress points in this product are riveted with top to bottom plated steel washers. This ensures further toughness and durability. As validated, the machine is a disk-shaped plate, commonly used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener like screws or nuts and also helps to prevent galvanic corrosion.

  • It is a built-in cordless pocket for hanging the drill.
  • It has three wide padded belts for a comfortable experience.
  • There is a double tongue steel roller buckle to adjust fitting.
  • The pouches have flaps on them to prevent spillage of the tools.
  • Its gusset stitched pockets give better access and capacity.
  • Factory-made with ballistic nylon does not let dust and debris to sit on the fiber.
  • When you bend over, it will not sit straight. Instead, the belt leans over and makes it uncomfortable. The impact of gun or Makita does not stay in place when bent over.
  • It has bulky suspenders.

2. Contractor Pro Electricians Combo Deluxe Tool Belt

Gatorback Electrician Combo Deluxe Package (Ventilated Back Support...
469 Reviews
Gatorback Electrician Combo Deluxe Package (Ventilated Back Support...
  • Built Tough with DuraTek 1250 fabric with bar-tack stitching and metal rivets at every stress point.
  • Sweat Less with the Gatorback Air Ventilated Tool Belt Padding and Breathable Fabric
  • The right side Electrician's Tool Pouch has 18 Pockets and a tape chain. 9 pockets on the left pouch

As Damn Tools (2018) argued, one does not have any special classes to understand that this is one of the perfect electrician tool belt ever made. The only thing an individual can do is go to the store and buy this product and strap it on. The feeling of comfort one experiences from using this accessory is indescribable.

As validated, this accessory consists of storage pouches for all one’s work equipment, which will be a further advantage to professionals in the field of work. As such, the right section of the product comprises up to 18 pockets plus a tape chain. The left bag features up to 9 bags. In total, this accessory spoils the user with 26 pouches for storage needs.

As researched, this product is specifically made for professional electricians, and its pouches are specially designed to accommodate all the necessary accessories. As such, additional support is the suspenders; they aid by taking the weight off from individuals’ back.

  • The belt comes with carrying handles to let one easily transport and put it on or take it off.
  • It has a robust DuraTek 1250 fabric construction with bar-tack stitching and metal rivets at the stress points.
  • There is plenty of storage with over 25 storage pouches factory made.
  • It is integrated with the Gatorback Air Ventilated tool belt padding as well as breathable fabric.
  • Its DuraGrip Fingerless work gloves protect hands while allowing easy EZ grabbing of the nails.
  • There is a bucket tool tote with up to 55 pockets.

3. Occidental Leather 5590 M Commercial Electrician's Set

Occidental Leather 5590 M Commercial Electrician's Set
130 Reviews
Occidental Leather 5590 M Commercial Electrician's Set
  • Hand-Specific Tool Holders Promote Maximum Working Rhythm on the Job
  • Function Engineered for the Modern Electrician
  • No Spill Tool Holder System

It is a picture-perfect product that will complement every professional’s work in every project undertaken. As such, it was designed with the modern electrician in mind, and this set will more than meet all the equipment carrying needs needed at work. It comes with ample storage space, with some configuration options that make the bag easy to use regardless of your working situation (Damn Tools).

This is a flawless accessory factory-made and ready for work. In its manufacture, high-quality leather incorporates this design, and as argued, this product will likely last users a lifetime. Every job will be a tough undertaking with this nicely manufactured product on one’s waist.

As researched, this accessory does not portray any signs of wearing and being torn in no time; it resembles, toughness, and sustainability. It merely has no sign of weakness in its make and creation. Its characteristics are even more amazing, and this product is pleasing to the eye.

  • It is a super comfortable unit and fits perfectly well around one’s waist, giving maximum efficiency at one’s job.
  • Hand-specific tools holder for maximum efficiency at the job.
  • Its functions are engineered for the modern electrician.
  • It is made of a no-spill tool belt.

4. TR Industrial 88021 12 Multi-Function Electrician Tool Belt Holder

TR Industrial 88021 12 Multi-Function Belt Tool Holder
81 Reviews
TR Industrial 88021 12 Multi-Function Belt Tool Holder
  • Keep your tools and accessories around your waist to keep your hands free when working
  • 12 functional holsters/pockets for items such as hammers, measuring tape, screwdrivers, and more
  • Belt strap is just under 2 inches in height

This product helps an individual bring about adeptness and productivity in any work. There is no better way to bring the best out of all electrical work than with this beautiful factory-made an accessory. This TR Industrial 88021 12 Multi-Function electrician tool belt Holder allows professionals to undertake one’s work with all the accessories and equipment necessary around an individual’s waist. As such, this results in hands being free; hence, one will be able to focus on the workaround and multi-task.

As researched, the belt will hold anything necessary an electrician would like to be kept. It has 12 practical and purposeful pockets which allow the storage of hammers, measuring tapes and cordless drill amongst other significant accessories.

Hence, a job becomes easy to conduct with this kind of competence and this original product. This accessory is constructed using durable materials; it is sure to be one’s confidant for multiple years. With all this said, this product keeps on giving. Not surprisingly but more assuring, this fantastic product comes with a 1-year warranty just in case there any notable demerits and shortcomings noted.

  • It helps keep all tools and accessories around one’s waist to free up hands when working.
  • There are 12 functional holsters for items like hammers, screwdrivers, measuring tape.
  • The belt strap is under 2 inches in height.
  • It is durable in construction.
  • There is a 1year warranty.

Electrician Tool Belt Merits

According to Damn Tools, these accessories will keep all gears and apparatuses within reach. These products continue one’s tools near to one’s hand. It is useful when one is climbing ladders, walking around the work area and is carrying several gears. It is becoming bothersome if a professional has to get down to pick up accessories and climb up again to his/ her work station. Hence, in instances where there is no assistance, such work demands become a drag. With these best accessories named above, action will be straightforward to conduct and freer time will be a bonus.

Therefore, there is a reduction in time wasted. These products give people the best work competence and productivity. These products most importantly ensure safety, comfort, and wellbeing at work, which is one of the most prioritized issues in any job. These accessories are entirely made for saving one’s tools from falling when carrying too many weapons, consequently.

Buying Guide for Electrician Tool Belt

Electrician tool belts are significant for these professionals. Having this kind of product in one’s position as a professional electrician is necessary. As such, when purchasing one of the favorable products, one must consider the qualities offered by the product.

More so, issues such as comfort and safety measures should not be forgotten or ignored. Hence, suitability problems of the accessory have to be well addressed. The above product offers all these qualities, comfort, safety, and suitability. In the high accessories, some products are factory-made with pouches of up to 25 pockets. These will be an aid in conditions whereby too many tools and gears are needed for a particular work or project — as such, acquiring a product with as many pockets as possible is a much welcomed positive.

Most significantly, one makes sure they are purchasing the perfect brand of accessories complementing their work. Not forgetting its capability of loading more accessories and tools alike as desirable. What is more important is the pricing of these products. Professionals and individuals alike should make sure they choose products that are within budget ranges. Also significantly necessary to check is the guarantee these products offer.

As an electrician, the above products offer reasonable guarantees which should complement electrician well enough considering they are manufactured with good quality materials. For the benefit of all groups of electricians, lightweight accessories are offered in these products by nylon manufactured products and durability is offered by products factory-made with leather. As such, products for all professionals alike are listed above, making it easy to select the most suitable accessory.


With this kind of products listed above, purchasing the perfect and best electrician tool belt becomes an enormous task. Such endeavors need one to have specific details of everything desired in a product, unless one knows these, then buying these products will be difficult. As such, competent electricians will require the presence of numerous pouches in their accessory for loading and holding all those small gears and apparatuses. One should, therefore, purchase the most valuable tool available in the market place as we all know, it is challenging to find a product with all flawless and desirable qualities with no defects.

Anyways, all the above products enable one’s hands to be free while conducting work. With such an accessory, results are positive, one works with comfort, and open mind is favored facilitating the best possible action to be done yet. The above list will make it easy to find the best tool available in the market.

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