10 Best Drywallers Tool Belt Reviews ( 2019 )

A  Leather Drywall tool pouch is a durable, flexible bag to carry all heavy tools in a bag with different pockets. It is a lightweight and stylish tool pouch where you will get 5 to 10 pockets.

One can not dispute the fact that a tool belt can greatly increase their capability of exercising great work. Accordingly, Tool Belt (2019) validates that drywall sheets are often heavy and difficult to install, predominantly if one is working on alone rather than as a group. Although hanging drywall, a person may feel as though he/ she needs as many helping hands as possible and rightfully so.

Drywalls are not an easy job without proper tools and the relevant workforce. As such, a drywall tool pouch becomes the best wingman for any construction worker. With this kind of technology and/ belt, there is no need for one to be looking for tools as it will be making the job harder, but one will be able to just reach their bag and choose a tool of their liking. Hence, one can work faster and with ease.  

Top 6 Drywallers Tool Pouch Reviews

1. Bucket Boss Duckwear SuperWaist Apron

As validated, the Bucket Boss Duckwear SuperWaist Apron is a great choice if one is considering buying something to make drywall installation a cinch. With ease as put, drywalling can be completed with little struggle or effort. This drywall tool pouch is not very large but it comes in handy hence, it does not need to be any bigger. Tool Belt argued that a larger tool belt proves too bulky when one is trying to hang drywall.

Therefore, a smaller drywall tool pouch makes the job effortless and effective. It leads to saving time and power. Putty knife, drywall screws and a drywall hammer are some of the tools frequently used to hang drywall, there is no need to worry about fitness as these tools fit perfectly in this product.

Otherwise, it would appear that the majority of purchasers seem relatively pleased with this particular tool belt. If one is in search of something uncomplicated and a product that is very economical and budget-friendly, this accessory is one of the best things to secure.

The key features below will make this accessory a fan favorite for customers, apart from this, it has an apron which will be favored by many customers and other professionals alike. It is a product that can bring satisfaction to its customers and/ clients.

Key Features

  • 13 pockets are used to hold tools, pens, and pencils.
  • Highly durable duck wear canvas material.
  • Quick release belt.
  • Bar tacked seams for added stability and durability.
  • Waist size between 27 inches and 54 inches.
  • Two web loops for hammers, including dry wall hammers.
  • Three large 6x6 pockets and additional pockets of varying sizes.


  • Apron lacks durability.
  • The placement of the pockets need improvement.

2. CLC Custom Leathercraft Standard Drywaller’s Tool Pouch

This drywall tool pouch is an efficient tool for people who usually do drywalls in construction works. It is leather enforced with a leather hoop for hammers, and is made of a good belt making it durable and tough. If one is looking for toughness and rigidity, this is the way to go. This drywall tool pouch will make one’s work as smooth as possible. Nevertheless, this belt pouch like all has its own flaws that make it an imperfect product. Although it may be so, it is worth buying.

Key Features

  • This belt has double-row major pouches that have been designed for the tools.
  • The stone holders are quite sharp.
  • It has a leather tool and leather hammer hoop.
  • It contains a great belt.
  • Chrome-Tanned top grain leather.


  • It has little and not enough space for tools.
  • It is not protected from harsh conditions.
  • Stitching and needlework have a possibility of coming off over longer use.
  • It is susceptible to wear and tear possible after very harsh usage longevity.
  • The design calls for a much better one.
  • It limits target group as it is not for a full worker. Although, might be useful for a beginner.

3. Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo w/Pro-Comfort Back Support Belt

As validated, this drywall tool pouch coming with Pro-Comfort Reverse Support Belt has an original breathable air channel for a comfortable sweat-free experience designed using heavy-duty 1250 Dura Tek nylon for a rugged and durable yet, light enough experience. In this accessory, comfort, luxury and security emphasize for one’s wellbeing and good job conduct. With an actual waist size over clothes and a larger one coming between 36 inches to 40 inches, it is a product for everyone.

Key Features

  • It comes in various sizes and colours.
  • The product contains an air channel design and that makes the product stand apart.
  • It has comfortable and breathable pockets and porches.
  • This has been made with the superior quality material and that makes the entire product durable, sturdy and long lasting.
  • The material is amazing and it has an appealing design. This is also easy to carry because of the lightweight.
  • It has a carpenter pouch, which is suitable to keep and stack all kinds of stuff. The pockets are breathable.
  • The entire pockets have the interior plastic lining and it gives the product box shape


  • It has a poor Velcro quality that wears off after a month.
  • It has no clips for drill or, impact driver.
  • Small pockets.
  • Bags do not even last a month and start ripping off.
  • Belt size and smaller pen pockets are way too small and tight.
  • The material surface itself is very coarse and stiff.

4. Custom Leathercraft Heavy Duty Suede Apron

According to Tool Belt (2019), the Custom Leathercraft Heavy Duty Suede Apron is a great choice for drywall professionals, particularly because it has so many different options to choose from. It is also available at a great price point which is budget friendly for many. Although prices vary according to many options one chooses.

As such, options for this drywall tool pouch include a quick release buckle, a 2-inch poly web buckle, an interlocking buckle, and/ or a 2-inch leather reinforced roller buckle. It is made of heavy duty material which gives room for it to be durable. With this product coming with eight pockets, it looks expansive and becomes a customer favorite. The pouches in this product are many for small tools to hammers, everything is prepared for. All people of different sizes, this belt was made to fit all, it stretches up to 46 inches of waist size. This makes it even more complimentary and favorable.

As such, CLC, the company that offers customers this specific belt, stands firmly by their product with a rather straightforward philosophy. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication; this company is guided by such words. This is so because rather than providing anything fancy, CLC kept things very simple, durable, and reasonably priced. It is fair to say, amongst the best products, this one also is in favors from the customers, professionals and alike. Hence, this is a wonderful tool because of its proven durability. More so, it is a great quality product that saves money. After all, this product is one of the best and a noteworthy accessory.

Key Features

  • It is a heavy-duty suede material.
  • It has 8 spacious and roomy pockets.
  • It manufactured with 4 primary nail/ tool pockets.
  • 3 smaller pockets are fitted for various tools.
  • It has a steel loop for hammer.
  • It is manufactured with a magnificent 2-inch polyester web belt.
  • Buckle varieties are an addition.
  • Its waist sizes range from 29 inches to 46 inches.


  • This belt has longevity challenges. Some of the pouches wore out too easily and too quickly.
  • The apron lacks durability.
  • The placement of the pockets may need improvement.

5. OX Tools Four Piece Construction Rig/ Outback Leather

This is a lovely bag made of outback leather. As founded, it is an efficient four-piece construction rig, which is built to last and is similarly durable with heavy-duty rivet reinforcement on all the major stress points to provide strength and durability.

It is also tear-resistant and has a soft feel too. It comes with toughness and durability because of its qualities of tear resistance. It comes with many pockets that count up to 22 with a thick belt and an interesting and likeable design.

Key Features

  • It has wide pockets and 22 pouches.
  • The material is absolutely solid, strong and durable and that is why the product stands apart.
  • The product contains a thick belt.
  • It has the appealing design.


  • The Belt tapers to 2 inches on the right makes the pouch slide around.
  • Its actual product may be different.
  • It has a very poor hammer holder.

6. CLC Custom Leathercraft5605M Professional Carpenters Combo, Black, 18-Pocket

This is a spacious bag with eighteen pockets, sleeves and holders for sufficient storage of nails and tools. According to Klein (2019), parts are removable and interchangeable with easy to carry handle design that provides simple adjustments.

It is a comfortable product to work around with. This dry wall tool belt is factory-made of durable and rugged ballistic poly fabric of five inches padded belt with double tongue.

Key Features

  • It has 18 pockets, sleeves and holders providing ample storage for nails and tools.
  • It has an easy carry handle design providing simple adjustments, easy carrying and storage of aprons without spilling contents.
  • It has a durable and rugged ballistic poly fabric.
  • It is comfortable with a 5 inches wide padded comfort belt with double tongue steel roller buckle.


  • The bags have a nylon hammer loop with a tiny single pocket rear bag having fewer rivets and more stitching.
  • The tape clip moves low which is quite inconvenient and uncomfortable.
  • It tears off after a few months.
  • Rivets and belt loops are of poor quality

Dry Wall Tool Pouch Buying Guide

If ever one thinks of buying the best drywall tool pouch, the list above is the best one can find. The above will offer the professionals, construction workers, and alike efficiency, durability and at the same time comfort during work time.

These products are convenient for keeping tools and using them as much as one likes when working. One important trick though is not to overload any of these accessories. Any overload may lead to strain and pain in one’s back contributing to back pain.

Hence, these products are designed to distribute weight equally around your waist. Durability, toughness, and comfortability are all prioritized in the designing of these tool belts. Some of these products are padded so that one will have a least strenuous day as possible at work.

More so, the material is amazing and some of these accessories, it has an appealing design. These are worthy products to acquire. These products come in various sizes and shapes, they fit most of its users with a waist size of up to 54 inches. These are the best accessories for drywall expects, and these products do not come as good as the ones listed and examined above. Any professional will fig their most desirable product above with little worry and hassle.

In a bombshell, each and every drywall tool belt mentioned and discussed in detail above can and will help one conduct their jobs effectively and efficiently. Hence, if one is conducting the smallest of jobs on the day, an option for a smaller product is amongst the list. If so happens one is conduction a more demanding bigger job, better quality, bigger and suitable products are also listed above.

The most important aspect is choosing the most suitable accessory that will push one for the rest of the day with limited or no problems. Consequently, each and one of the above products are the best for business today. Hence these are the best for fixing dry walls. With so many trustworthy brands out there, it can be hard to tell apart the counterfeits from the original.

The above-detailed products and their key features and demerits are some of the products topping the list of the best in the market. Hence, every single detail of those features is very important.


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