5 Best Cable Tech Tool Belts 2020


A tool belt is a part of one’s work-wear and helps an individual to keep their must-have tools close by. Besides, a proper tool belt allows one to focus on their work rather than worrying about their devices. A cable technician, therefore, needs the best tool belt for his/ her job for it to be conducted in a conducive manner.

As validated, a cable technician needs a variety of tools for his or her work. Therefore, this product, a cable tech tool belt, will enable one to load all the necessary accessories comfortably. With this kind of comfort and security, one can do their job anywhere.

Best Drywallers Tool Belt

Which are the Best Tools for Cable Techs

Best Tool Belt, as a cable tech expert, states that there are a wide variety of accessories needed by individuals in endeavors of doing a proper job. Tools you might often use include snips, a coax connector compression tool, cable cutters, and a continuity tester, to name a few. A toolbox is arguably one of the best products for storing tools.

With one of these products, one is assured of efficiency in any job they will be doing. Some of these best products will save one’s time in searching for different tools. Hence, they present no hassle, unlike when using toll boxes.

Herein, the most crucial list that of products that one can consider looking at before procurement is discussed. These technicians have to repair, maintain, and install internet services and other cable satellites and televisions. Hence, some of these useful products are herein listed and discussed in detail below.

According to Sweet Home Spot (2018), products one often uses comprise of a coax connector compression tool, snips, cable cutters, pliers, measuring devices, labeling machines, power saws, wire strippers and continuity among others. Hence, when one is procuring such a product or accessories, they have to make sure that it will be able to carry all these listed items above.

Best Cable Technician Tool Pouch Reviews

1. Carhartt Legacy Tool Belt

Key Features
  • It is made of nylon material.
  • It has a 1200D Poly material with additional Rain Defender water repellent coating.
  • It comes in 8 different size pockets.
  • It was manufactured with a hammer loop.
  • With it comes two additional webbing loops.
  • It has an adjustable belt.
  • It has non-removable pockets.
  • There is a possibility of durability issues.
  • It is plausible that there are also belt issues.
  • It has flat pockets.

The Carhartt Legacy Tool Belt accommodates a broad range of professions, including that of a cable tech. Part of what makes this particular tool belt so unique is the fact that it offers both a standard and a deluxe version (Best Tool Belt, 2019). The luxurious version of this product is lovely, it factory-made with nine pockets rather than 8 of a standard text. The deluxe version has a metal hammer hanger along with the traditional hammer loop.

As research, this product has 4 D-Ring that allows the user to clip additional items to the belt. This allows for the creation of more space, and carrying capacity is increased. This is a right quality product, the deluxe version that customers might find appealing has both a contoured and padded belt. This is an excellent product that will complement one’s work. The expected features of this lovely product are listed below.

Carhartt Legacy Tool Belt, Deluxe, Carhartt Brown
  • Heavy duty tool belt built with polyester with Rain Defender durable water repellent and Duravax abrasion-resistant corners
  • Nine pockets with six loops and two removable pockets
  • Metal hammer hook and metal tape measure holder
  • Padded and contoured waist belt fits up to size 42 inch waist
  • Dimensions: 56 inches x 13.25 inches x 1 inch, weight: 2 pounds

2. FASITE PTN012 32-POCKET Electrical Maintenance Tool Pouch Bag

Key Features
  • It is factory-made from imported quality 600D polyester.
  • This belt is a multi-storage purpose belt with 32 pockets, two hammer loops, one steel measuring tape holder and one steel hammer holder.
  • Its size ranges from 11.5×7×3.9 (2x) inches.
  • It has an adjustable heavy-duty belt comes with a maximum capacity of forty-eight inches.
  • This has been made with high-quality material, and that makes the product long-lasting, durable and robust too.
  • The functional large capacity bag is quite able to hold anything such as car tools and more.
  • It has an inconvenient tape measure holder that pushes down when trying to clip it with the bag
  • The movement might cause the rivets to fray.
  • The belt gets to lose all by itself.
  • The container is tight enough to harm the skin.

Therefore, this tool belt ranges from a size of 11.5×8.7×3.9 (2x) inches. It has an adjustable strap which comes with a maximum capacity of forty-eight inches. The material is robust and sturdy.

Hence, this product is as durable as it can be made. Tool Belt Guru states that the structure of this bag has an ergonomic design that is light and versatile. It is designed especially for professional workers, who work at great heights and walk for long distances. This is not the only impressive feature of this product; it comes with an undeniable one-year money-back guarantee.

FASITE PTN012 32-POCKET Electrical Maintenance Tool Pouch Bag Technician's Tool Holder Work Organizer Framer's...
  • Multiple storage purpose belt: 32 pockets, 2 hammer loops, 1 steel measuring tape holder and 1 steel hammer holder. Size: 11.5×8.7×3.9(2×)inches. Adjustable heavy-duty belt, max size of 48 inches.
  • Ergonomic design and superior material: good quality, very light, versatile, strong and sturdy. Comfortable to wear. Materiel is high quality and waterproof.
  • Large capacity and functional: can hold hardware tools, garden tools, electrical tools, car tools and many other tools.
  • Special design details: designed for professional tradesmen who work at heights and walk long distances on a daily basis.
  • Money back guarantee: we provide a one year guarantee to all our customers. Go ahead, you have nothing to lose. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will RETURN your money or replace one.

3. Dead On Tools Utility Pouch

Key Features
  • It is originally made up of a 3-way carrying functionality for your convenience.
  • It has reinforced pockets for added security.
  • For more robustwork, it has a heavy-duty adjustable belt included (approximately up to 60 inches).
  • It has durability pouch with multiple pockets.
  • One can connect to any belt of their choice.
  • It has a lightweight fabric material.
  • Some small issues of the durability of the belt loops may arise.
  • A lack of riveting means that the belt loops may rip and fall apart.
  • The belt loops may require further strengthening.

As argued, this is the perfect companion for any cable technician. Rather than the standard cable tech tool belts that we are used to knowing. The qualities making this product are impeccable; it has a multi-function utility pouch offering adequate room for one’s needed and necessary tools and accessories. According to the Best Tool Belt (2019), one can carry the bag one of three different ways.

The first method is wearing it as a tool belt around one’s waist, followed by an option of using the handle to carry it as a bag. Last but not least, this product can be sold over one’s shoulder with no hassle. It is a great product to have; with all these options, one’s work will run smoothly as much as possible.

It is easy for a customer to like this accessory when they learn of its specifications in the market place. The most notable features and functions of this specific accessory as factory-madee are listed below.

Dead On Tools HD54017 Utility Pouch
  • Durable utility pouch with multiple pockets
  • Heavy Duty Waist Belt
  • Utility knife pocket with built-in reinforcement
  • 3-way carrying system: belt, shoulder, handle
  • Reinforced pocket for securely holding a utility knife

4. NoCry Heavy Duty Canvas Tool Pouch with 7 Roomy Pockets

Key Features 
  • It is best stitched from heavy-duty, tear-resistant 600D canvas for long life and extra strength. It has a high level of toughness and durability as tested.
  • It has a secure Velcro fastener for a convenient way to hang this product around one’s waist and from the belt.
  • For comfort purposes, this product was complemented with an adjustable waist strap to fit.
  • It is very shallow for more extended tools like screwdrivers, and other tools fall off when screwdrivers and other tools fall off when one leans over.
  • The Velcro straps become dysfunctional with lots of loads.
  • Stitching can come off over time.
  • Bag quality may vary.

As such, this product consists of heavy-duty, tear-resistant 600D canvas for long life and extra strength. According to Tool Guru, this bag comes with a secure Velcro fastener. It also comes with seven roomy pockets and ten tool loops to keep hammers, tape measures, electrical tapes, and other tools in a well-organized manner.

It also holds a toolbox worth of equipment. This product was explicitly human-made for most cable tech professionals and other alike such as mechanics, plumbers, artisans, carpenters electricians, drywall workers and amongst others.

This bag, therefore, proves to be the perfect product for carrying and loading accessories ideal for one’s job. It is perfect even if one is not wearing a belt. The convenient features of this excellent product are below.

NoCry Heavy Duty Canvas Tool Pouch with 7 Roomy Pockets, 10 Tool Loops, Adjustable Waist Strap, and Sturdy...
  • 7 ROOMY POCKETS and 10 tool loops keep your hammers, tape measures, electrician tapes, and other tools well organized. Measures only 8.5 by 11.5 inches, but holds a tool box worth of equipment.
  • SIZED FOR MOST JOBS -- Ideal for electricians, carpenters, craftsmen, HVAC technicians, mechanics, plumbers, drywall workers, gardeners, and others. If you have tools to carry around, this tool bag is for you.
  • DURABLE & STRONG -- Made from heavy duty, tear-resistant 600D canvas for extra strength and long life. We have put extra effort into every stitch and detail on this tool pouch to make sure it can keep up with your hard work.
  • STURDY HOOK'N'LOOP FASTENER makes it easy to hang the tool bag from your belt or around your waist. In case you don’t wear a belt with your work pants no problem — we’ve added an adjustable waist strap into the package.
  • CARE IS A CINCH -- Resists dirt and heavy stains. Wash with soap and water when you feel like it.

5. SUYIN 8 Pockets Tools Belt, Tool Pouch with Adjustable Belt

Key Features
  • This product has a 600D thickening water-proof, wear-resisting, and durable Oxford material tool pouch.
  • Convenient accesses to large central pockets and seven small pockets for easy organization of different-sized tools.
  • There is good structural design for multiple storage spaces that include web-loops, pockets, one-strap, and more that is not quite difficult to wear and swift to fasten.
  • It is fit all sizes as the belt is 115 inches long, it enhances levels for different waist measures.
  • Lightweight tool belt weighing 9.8 ounces is big enough to hold all essential tools.
  • The bag lacks an inclusive of magnet closure on the large pocket.
  • The waist belt is comparatively shorter in size.
  • The bag quality is not always reliable.
  • Stitching quality is poor.
  • Bag quality may vary.

From research, the tool pouch is made of thickened 600D water-proof, wear-resisting, and durable Oxford material. More so, it is convenient to access the big main pockets for the efficient organization of various tools. Structural design is robust for multiple storages, including web-loops and pockets (Tool Belt Guru, 2019).

This product is light in weight as it has a mass of 9.8 ounces only and yet holds enough quantities of essential tools. As indicated by its beautiful qualities above, this product is hassle-free as it reduces weight. One is guaranteed a long-lasting product because of its durability and toughness. Hence, this product may improve cable technicians’ work efficiency and effectiveness for more extended periods. It is a worthwhile acquisition.

SUYIZN 8 Pockets Tools Belt, Electrician Tool Pouch with Adjustable Belt, Maintenance Tool Bag - A Good Helper...
  • » HIGH QUALITY - Made of 600D thickening Oxford materials. It is wear-resisting, waterproof and durable.
  • » CONVENIENT ACCEESS - Large main pocket and 7 small pockets. Easy to use and organize tools. Suit for organizing tools of various size.
  • » GOOD STRUCTURAL DESIGN - Multiple storage space. It comes with pockets, web loops, one strap and more. Comfortable to wear and quick to unfasten.
  • » ONE-SIZE FITS ALL - The adjustable belt is 115 long, allowing a large tolerance regarding different waist measures.
  • » LIGHTWEIGHT & BIG ENOUGH - Weighs 9.8 ounce. It is light to wear and big enough to hold all essential tools.

Best Cable Tech Tool Belt Buying Guide

These best cable tech tool belts offer an individual and professionals alike the best safety and security measures available. These products come with comfort for users; they have adjustable straps further facilitating for convenience. These products are made of durable material which guarantees longevity, toughness, safety, and value for money.

All the products listed above come in multiple sizes, intentionally factory designed to fit people of all sizes. Some of the registered and assessed products are the best in the business, and they come as light as possible in endeavors of reducing weight and hassle when conducting a job.

In summary, the above-assessed cable tech tool belts work extremely good if one is a cable tech expect. Of course, not all these products will meet every professional’s requirements. Nevertheless, the best in the business of cable technicians is listed and assessed above.

Technicians need a product with lots of pouches to carry all those different small-sized and big sized accessories necessary in various jobs. Hence, an available product is worth buying, and therefore, it must also be a product of high value with sturdiness and durability.

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