Best Air Mattress Review 2018 for Everyday Use

Best Air Mattress 2018 Updated – Top 7 Comparision Reviews


In the present market, there are lots of air mattress but you may don’t know which best air mattress fit for you. We are tested on many air mattress but all mattress are not better for all. So, before you buy air beds you should read a good review guide that helps you to choose the best one.

Air mattress is also known as dial-up mattresses or adjustable air mattresses that use air instead of coil systems or foam cores as a means of support. The bed allows you to adjust and customize your comfort as it’s run through air chambers. Preference from plush to firm pillows achieve by improving the amount of air in the room to get the desired comfort.

Some air mattresses use dual zone technology to allow sleep companions to set the bedside according to their tastes. You can relax in soft, comfortable sleep while your partner enjoys a quiet night of sleep. Here are some Air Mattresses & Sleeping Accessories.

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best air mattress 2018

Why Buy Best Air Mattress?

Air Mattress is an excellent choice for sleepers who have problems such as back Pain or weak neck.

As more air supports the areas where it needs the body most, sleepers can comfortably rest and know that every part of the body gets the support it needs.

Some air beds are customized to a new level so that sleepers have the opportunity to customize the different areas of the mattress.

We are writing high-quality of an airbed guide & reviews so that any sleepers get comfort and perfect fusion of air beds so you can to achieve the optimal rest state. Shop through our collection, and you can easily find the ideal air bed for you and your loved ones!

Shop through our collection, and you can easily find the perfect air bed for you and your loved ones!air mattress

Are you want to best buy Air Beds for the first time check out the pros and cons quickly!
air mattress

  • Custom Firmness
  • Beneficial for people with Back Pain
  • Sharing a Bed
  • Odor-Free
  • No Sagging
  • Rapid Inflation
  • Low Price
  • Many Uses
  • Replacing Pumps
  • Shorter Warranty
  • Lengthy Assembly
  • Noisy Pump

Top 7 Best Air Mattress Reviews 2018

  • The Best of the Best: Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Mattress
  • Better Budget: Intex Raised Downy Airbed
  • Best for Air Pump: Insta-Bed Raised
  • Coleman Queen: Cot with Airbed

1. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

best air mattress

One of the Amazon’s most rated best air mattress is the “SoundAsleep Dream” series, which certainly has all of our preferred features for buy.

Its’ powerful internal pump inflates and relaxes the bed in two minutes, fully inflatable, providing rugged back and body support. The inner 21-coil (twin) system makes the bed stable and comfortable.

The air pump ultimately vents the mattress, so it is easy to fold and store it in its canvas bag. The bed is made of vinyl but has no PVC odor.

However, due to all these advantages, “SoundAsleep” fell into a gap for two reasons. First of all, the pump is not automatic, so we have to listen to a high-profile whining, pointing out that the mattress is fully inflated or wholly deflated.

best air mattress

  • 40 turns to keep the surface flat and comfortable
  • 500 lb capacity
  • Built-in pump
  • Good warranty
  • Excellent durability
  • Customers praise
  • The most suitable for the use of dark non-standard bed sheets
  • The pump is not automatic.

2. Insta-Bed Raised Best Air Mattress

best air mattress

If you are looking for a long time to use this day’s location, you need to make sure it is the most comfortable best air mattressyou can buy.

Although Insta-Bed Raised may not be the same as traditional mattresses, there are some advantages. It is 18″tall, which means you will have a much easier time to get out of bed.

  • It has a never flat pump when you sleep when it silently re-inflates the bed, so you do not end up on the floor at night. Also, the main pump will complete the work of the inflatable bed in four minutes.

best air mattress

  • The backup pump ensures that you will not end up on the floor
  • 35 round coils to increase comfort
  • Reliable durability
  • Need a constant power supply to keep inflatable overnight

3. Intex Comfort Plush Air Mattressbest air mattress

For those who want to r the lowest level of difficulty regarding mattress, Intex’s this option is an excellent recommendation best air mattress to you. At 22″ thick, which is one of the highest air mattresses you want to find in the market.

  • Even at this height, it is at a reasonable price point, there is a bag filled with storage and includes a waterproof roof.

In the past, buyers of this product had a lot of positive thoughts about their value and performance. Users praised the comfort and ease of use, as well as the price and quality.

Some users complain about leaks, but of course, this is something that some air mattresses may happen. In addition to these occasional problems, it seems that you can turn to this reliable products.

best air mattress

  • Dura-Beam technology provides durability and long life.
  • Allows you to sleep with the traditional mattress overnight, even if you go out camping!
  • Wraps are all features at a very reasonable price.
  • Combined with inflation and deflation.
  • The top of the implant and indentation add a comfortable sleep.
  • High strength polyester fibers do not stretch over time.
  • Many users reported about Intex’s poor customer support.
  • Built-in pump outlet power.
  • Takes a long time to vent and inflate manually.

4. Serta Raised Best Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

best air mattress

The best air mattress we choose is the 18″ upgraded version of the world’s largest mattress company. This trendy style contains too many features that can list two of the most commonly used American bed sizes twins (74 “X 39”) and queen (80 “x 60”).

Two built-in pumps are using never flat technology, one that is inflated or deflated, and the other is kept under pressure, increasing comfort and safety. A well-known bed to sleep, you can trust that this may be the best air mattress in this class.

best air mattress

  • Never flat pump eliminates the risk of waking up on the floor
  • Air leaks are little
  • Two year warranty period
  • Easy to install and down – compactly packed in the included carrying case
  • Structural integrity – round coil simulates the role of ordinary bed
  • Similar models are heavier and weigh about 20 pounds
  • Not all sizes of choice (only twins and queen)

5. Fox Air Beds Plush High Rise Mattress

best air mattress

Fox Airbeds Plush has several useful features, but in general, we found this best air mattress cannot keep the air pressure. The length of 80 inches, for 6 feet and above and this is the most comfortable. Inflation and deflation are good, longer than other air mattresses we tested.

On the downside, the beds showed signs of losing firmness after the sixth expansion. We tried to determine where the air leaked, and when we pressed the foundation, the air from the mattress’s air was short.

As long as we remain in the center of the bed, the mattress provides decent support. But once we move to either side, the mattress will drop significantly, making it difficult to leave the bed.

The vinyl of the mattress is not as high as the other air mattresses we tested, plus the heaviest is 20 pounds. The outdoor play does not eliminate the smell of vinyl PVC, and with all the factors combined, the price is higher.

best air mattress

  • Easy To Transport
  • Deflates Easily
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to Inflate
  • Inflates Quickly
  • Convenient Storage
  • Price is high
  • Have the smell of vinyl PVC
  • Loses firmness after the sixth expansion

6. Intex Raised Downy Best Air Mattress

best air mattress

At $51 only, you can get an excellent Index Raised Downy Airbed with built-in electric pump, and your first guest will be at least happy. We do not have any problems with this bargaining best air mattress.

It survived in all of our tests, but the buyer did raise long-term durability problems.

You can also check the still inexpensive Intex Comfort-Plush Elevated Dura-Bam Airbed. Check the price is $59. Which is higher than the standard top surface makes it easier to enter and remove limited mobility, and is comfortable enough.

best air mattress

  • 22 inches high from the ground
  • Built-in electric pump
  • Valve is automatically closed to prevent air leakage
  • Lower chamber provides support and comfort as springs
  • Flocking top is waterproof
  • Cheap
  • Must be inflated with electric pump – no other choice
  • Customer support and guarantee is poor
  • Some users complain about split seams and bumps
  • Stretched due to temperature.

7. Coleman QueenCot with Airbed

best air mattress

QueenCot is a truly versatile air bed that can serve as an excellent camping bed and a short indoor bed. Through the detachable elevated crib, this air bed will give you a feeling of a good bed, as well as support (600 pounds is the limit).

Why Buy QueenCot?

  • The raised crib frame makes it safer, from the side of the incision and leakage, making it one of the longest products on the market.
  • In the case of a regular cheap mattress sleep, the campers who feel insecure will find this option safe, reliable and damp-freeThis bed can easily occupy the weight of two adults.

If you intend to go out on a cold night, this best air mattress is great because of the exposure to the cold ground. Keep in mind that the crib frame will cause a nuisance to long camping trips – but you can remove the sheets and pick up the mattress at any time.

best air mattress

  • The elevated detachable bed provides safety, longevity, and convenience.
  • Can be used as an appropriate indoor bed and free
  • Extend the required periodic recharge.

Buying best air mattresses should not be a whimsical effort, but should be a person you think seriously. There are many types, and even more brands, the only way to determine the most suitable for you is to do your research and make some comparison.

Although the air mattress can be the best companion for a constant travel or endless journey on the road if you buy a type that does not meet your desired purpose. Otherwise, it may also be a nightmare.


Best Air Mattress can get leaked accidentally! So we think this might be useful to you.

Two ways to repair air mattress holes:

If your air mattress seems to exhaust more quickly than usual, you may have a small hole. Follow the steps below to find holes and repair it – no new springs are needed.

  • Explore holes through inflatable air mattresses and spray the surface with soapy water. If you see blisters, that’s the hole.
  • Wipe the surface around the hole.
  • Add glue to the hole, then rinse it into the hole, dry it, and clean.
  • Use adhesive (such as gorilla glue) into the hole, and then paste the patch. Again, let’s dry and then rub it down.

best air mattress

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