15 Best Firm Memory Foam Mattress

Users want to choose the firm memory foam mattress to balance support and level of firmness. Although user wants it to feel soft, he/she may also want it to provide the right type of support for the sleeping surface.

Sleeping position, weight, and environment are the various factors in choosing the ideal mattress. Also, keep in mind that the best thing for one person may not fit the other person. It varies person to person.

Before even looking for any reviews, you should know at first, what is memory foam mattress, the specialty of the firm mattress, the history of firm mattresses and so on. It is a fascinating product for shopping but would be worse if no research will be done.

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What you should know about firm memory foam Mattress?

Soft Or firm memory foam mattress is a different kind of mattress than other foam mattresses. They are denser, heavier and more supportive. It is also at a higher price than the traditional foam mattress.

The History of firm Memory foam mattress, many of you didn’t know that memory foams were not used as mattresses; this was used for improving seat cushions and crash protection for airlines. But soon consumers realized how comfortable it was and thus demand of memory foam arises which give the unique benefit that you can take advantage of firm memory foam mattress.

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A Definitive Guide of 15 Best Firm Memory Foam Mattresses

​​​​Three types of Firm Memory Foam you should know-

1) Traditional Memory Foam2) Open Cell Memory Foam3) Gel Memory Foam

Knowing the Right Choice of Firm Memory Foam Mattress for You:

Not every one of us has interest in mattresses; sometimes it isn’t right for few people. Once you decide to invest in a mattress will affect you for many years. Different people have different choices so there are few factors which you should know before you choose the best fit for you.

You want to sleep in hot– Firm memory foam will not be the best choice I recommend if you tend to sleep warm. Other products such as Gel-bead and Infusion Foams for your choice.

You have limited mobility– Memory Foam won’t be a right pick if you have the low movement where it will be difficult to move and get out of bed. I would suggest you instead go for an innerspring unit product.

You try to sleep on your stomach– Sleeping on your stomach in this type of mattress may affect your breathing as viscoelastic properties of memory foam will interfere with your favorite sleeping position.

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A simple difference between mattress support and firmness:

  • The mattress support and the firmness of the mattress are two separate qualities of any bedding. Although they seem close to each other, they are not the same thing. For example, the mattress may have a soft or firm feel, good support, and poor support.
  • Mattress support means that it keeps sleepers spine properly aligned without pressure points. Irritating pressure points can cause a great deal to backaches and restless nights.
  • On the other side, the softness of a mattress states that how the mattress feels hard or soft. Different manufacturers use different materials to express varying degrees of firmness.
  • The important thing to remember is that support and commitment are different. Soft mattresses still provide good support.

firm memory foam mattress

Firm & Support of firm Memory Foam Mattress

However, regarding material quality, softer mattresses maintain a higher standard to provide this level of support. The softer material also poses new potential problems, including thermal insulation, feeling stuck or spine alignment problems. Good design and material choices help to minimize these problems while still creating soft cloudiness.

Sleepers who can pick Soft Or Firm Memory Foam Mattress:

Lateral sleepers – Soft beds will embrace your curves while also providing although it is the very popular choice for side sleepers. A soft bed can still be used for other sleeping positions. If you are a stomach sleeper, then having a soft mattress can make you feel less supported in your middle section. This may cause back pain, so be careful. Read the full review of memory foam mattress to remove back pain Here.

Petite sleeper – the softest mattress will be more suitable for around 150 pounds of sleepers. Although a harder mattress needs some weight to create a sink, a soft bed can cause faster sinking. For lighter sleepers, this creates greater comfort and stress levels.

Backless street sleepers without back problems can sleep quite comfortably in soft bed. If you have back pain, you usually do better with a medium or hard mattress.

firm memory foam mattress

Sleepers who can’t pick Soft Or Firm Memory Foam Mattress:

The soft bed does not fit everyone. Some people do better on medium or even hard mattresses. The most common groups to avoid soft mattresses are:

Sleeper with a backache – If you often feel back pain after getting up, it may be due to your sleeping position. Or it may be because your mattress is too soft. Researcher says that those with backaches should avoid the use of very soft and very stiff mattresses.

Overweight Sleeper – If you are overweight, or just because of the weight of your large frame, you should also avoid soft mattresses. These ultra-plush mattress options often provide too much uptick / droop for heavier sleepers, which can cause back problems.

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​​​​Essential Factors of Buying Soft or Firm Memory Foam Mattress 

To ensure you experience one of the best product with a reasonable price you need to know the qualities to buy the best firm memory foam mattress. But you should know you will get what you pay for. There are some points which I mentioned to help you out.

Temperature Condition of Firm Memory Foam Mattress:

Firm memory foam mattresses are usually made of memory foam. It is the material that gives the most excellent thermal insulation. It is not what you should expect. If your bed keeps a lot of calories, then you’re likely to wake up in the middle of the night and sweat through your PJ.

You should consider building your plush mattress and ensuring air circulation is guaranteed. This will dissipate heat and will bring more coolness to your bed, ensuring you rest well. With this in mind, some materials bring additional cooling to the bed. These include latex and qualified gels. Of course, they will also raise the price.

Memory foam mattress

Edge Supporting Capability of Soft Memory Foam Mattress:

Edge support is something that many overlooked for unknown reasons. This is one of the most important features that can affect the quality of the mattress. This is even more important if you sleep with a partner. It’s very simple and everyone knows that softer beds tend to have poor edge support.

If you sleep with other people, you may find yourself using the edge often. This is when you truly appreciate the proper support in this area. It allows proper use of the entire surface, which is something to consider.

Proper marginal support can also contribute to passionate nighttime activities. Many couples place these edges in the middle of their sex life, which can quickly discourage passion if the bed does not support it.

Density of Memory Foam Mattress:

Many might confuse themselves with the firmness and thickness of the mattress, but the thickness is the durability you can expect out of your foam mattress. Each layer has different density, so you need to focus on this sector as this is the comfort layer where wear and tear occurs. But its worth mentioning that memory foam has the different density than any other material.

memory foam mattress density

Density of Memory Foam Mattress

Better Durability than Polyfoams of Firm Foam Mattress:

Memory Foam lasts much longer than any polyfoams in the comfort layer where most of the compression takes place. Well, other materials last longer than memory foams with a higher price, they are Latex, Natural fibers and High-quality innerspring.

Thickness and Compression Module:

Thickness is another sector you should look for because memory foam is unique for this one. Less than 2 inches of width is never appreciated. This has an impact on how you’ll experience the product. The different mattress has different thickness, its best to choose on your own for your satisfaction.

Softness varies in several different materials, including memory foam, latex, and built-in springs. Because of its nature, memory foam is the established and dominant leader in this market segment.

firm memory foam mattress

Thickness and Compression

Motion Isolation Property:

Because many users share their beds with a partner. So they want a good mattress which is suitable for a couple. Motion isolation property ensures the comfortable feeling while sleeping with a partner. This means the level of exercise of the rest of the bed when getting up. When you leave the bed, your partner probably will not even notice it, even if they are a light sleeper.

Value: Firm Memory Foam Mattress

Value is one of the most important factors for bed users. While some may purchase mattresses that are more expensive than newer ones. We recognize that most of the users want a good mattress at a great price. As a result, prices play an important role in our decision-making, but this is certainly not a major factor for our consideration. In any case, all our options are very valuable regarding price.

Benefits Of Firm Memory Foam Mattress:

Even the best soft mattresses are not without solid manufacturer warranty, customer support and more. So, aside from looking at the mattress itself, we put a magnifying glass on the manufacturers and their policies. We look for manufacturers and retailers that offer a good guarantee, an extended free trial, and helpful customer support.

You also need to consider the sinking level in your product. The deeper you sink into the mattress, the firmer it gets due to the compression of the product. This is known as the Compression Modulus, and the different rate of compression occurs in the variety of foams due to this factor.


I have reviewed 10 of the Best Firms Memory Foam Mattresses which I slept on few of them even though there are thousands of products out there in the markets and online. After hours of research I have concluded; here are the top 10 list I enlisted that would make a difference in living. Albeit these are on my top list each of them has pros and cons.

In this review of the soft mattress, we will cover many important factors to consider when choosing the best firm or soft mattress. We will look back, what is the soft mattress to make the mattress better, which benefit the most. Now let’s start our review.

1. Layla Mattress [ Firm Memory Foam Mattress]

firm memory foam mattress Check Price & Customers Reviews

Layla mattress is one of the best firm bedding according to the user response in recent days. Its uniqueness is that it provides a medium level of softness. Layla can flip, soft edge and firm side. According to sleepers choice, he/she can sleep on the soft side or firm side. No matter which side sleepers are using.

Layla has great support – providing excellent responsiveness in the area of deep compression that most needs support.

The Layla-this product is of added value. This is a dual sided copper infused memory foam which means you can enjoy the fresh sleep solution which will help the blood circulation and relief external pains. This product can customize the firmness preferences because the mattress can flippers for better use.

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As we found that Layla mattress consists of 4 layers: complex airflow foam, support foam and copper injection memory foam. If you want to know more about you can read full Layla mattress review. Copper is an excellent conductor. It means that it can absorb the heat that your body creates through the night.It also distributes heat throughout the mattress. This can help you stay calm during the night and especially remarkable in a warm climate. Copper also has antibacterial properties, which helps to keep your mattress clean.

Each Layla mattress has a 120-day risk-free trial – meaning that if you’re not satisfied, you can return mattress anytime during the first four months. Overall, Layla offers fantastic value – especially given the affordable price. Its price range starts from $ 499 to $ 999, depending on the size of the mattress. Here is the full review of Layla mattress.

2. Brooklyn Bedding [ Firm Memory Foam Mattress]

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Check Price & Customers Reviews

Brooklyn bedding is a latex foam mattress. Brooklyn makes in its factory. There is a lot of discussion about the superior comfort of memory foam, but the viscoelasticity is too soft based on the tastes of people. It is firm, without excessive sunk ability. It makes latex bedding ideal for those who do not sleep well and can find softer mattresses.

  • Latex is more responsive and does have some rebound. Those who seek real softness are less welcome. Besides, the inner bomblets showed even more bouts of rebound as well as some serious rebounds. Finding a mattress that will soften the coil can be quite challenging.

Brooklyn bedding latex mattresses do not heat up like any other type of foam. It has three firm levels. The first level of sleep is softer and more perfect. The second level of reasonable firmness may be too firm for street sleepers. This is a good back sleeper.

The core consists of Talalay Latex, Dunlop Latex. It is a 6 ” high-density polyurethane foam, a potent blend that works together to create a beautiful sleeping surface. Made from the USA, it has a mildewproof, hypoallergenic and dustproof features that can withstand a comfortable sleeping environment. Read the full review of Latex foam mattress Guide Here.

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3. Casper Mattress [ Firm Memory Foam Mattress]

casper mattress Check Price & Customers Reviews

Casper mattress is an innovative foam mattress. Casper mattress takes a unique approach to gain market position.  This bedding based on the extensive study of the best quality sleep for the mattress function. Spirals represent a way to personalize your mattress and tailor it to perfection.

The customization technology used to create Casper mattresses was developed based on the recommendations of the doctoral thesis. And it’s perfect for those who sleep with their partner. Casper allows you to customize each side of the mattress to suit two people’s sleep preferences. Click here for the full review of Helix

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4. Tempur-Pedic Cloud Elite [ Firm Memory Foam Mattress]

tempurpedic mattress Check Price & Customers Reviews

If you are looking for a truly luxurious feeling, then Tempur-Pedic Cloud Elite could be a great match. This is the company’s second softest mattress. I recommend Cloud Luxe because the sturdiness is almost the same, but Cloud Elite is cheaper. If you have a budget for this mattress and want some extra soft, then this could be a cool option.

Tempurpedic Cloud Prima- This is only made for luxury. This will be your right choice if you look for luxury. Luxury means more investment and spends high on the mattress, and I assume you will be rewarded with high comfort and support. It wouldn’t be a wrong decision to invest a little high for your night’s rest to me. Click Here For Full Review of Tempur-Pedic Mattress.

5. Novosbed Mattress [ Firm Memory Foam Mattress]

firm memory foam mattress Check Price & Customers Reviews

Soft Novosbed mattresses are one of the best beds available on the market in recent days, no doubt. It provides a real expression of hugging and sinking.It is made of high-density memory foam, making it very soft.

Sinking is not as melodramatic as you would expect. Manufacturers are dedicated to bringing them to the perfect balance.

It specializes in providing excellent stress relief. When it comes here, it does a good job. It replaces the weight of the entire surface, greatly reducing the pressure.Heavier sleepers should consider the brand is offering more determined options for more support.

6. Cocoon by Sealy Chill Soft [ Firm Memory Foam Mattress]

firm memory foam mattress Check Price & Customers Reviews

This is a mattress with high-end, high-quality stretch-knit cover. It incorporates phase change materials.This is what claims to absorb and dissipate the heat in the bed. When sleeping, the surface is much more relaxed.

Memory foam is manufactured using Perfect Fit technology, presumably to suit your specific body shape, sleeping position, shape and other characteristics.It is high density and high quality.There is also a layer of primary support foam. It is made of stronger material and is designed to provide the necessary support.

7. Bear Mattress [ Firm Memory Foam Mattress]

firm memory foam mattress Check Price & Customers Reviews

This is mainly making for Athletes. Celliant minerals have been found in the covers of the mattress. The Specialty in the Bear firm memory foam mattress is making your sleep super comfortable and enhance you a very well goodnight sleep. This provides the best sleeping experience and gives a deep relaxation without any harmful material inside it.

Millions of these particles form and create resin. This Celliant resin helps especially the athletes to increase their oxygen level and tissue, and this can help them sleep comfortably as well as offer valuable benefit those with high blood sugar, muscle Tears, Arthritis.

Note: Quality matters for price, Celliant cover a step above, Edge support is lacking in the mattress.

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8. Eluxury Mattress [ Firm Memory Foam Mattress]

firm memory foam mattress Check Price & Customers Reviews

It is for refreshing night’s rest. You can have your sleep in the more relaxed way with this mattress; Eluxury Supply Memory Foam is an open cell technology. This is infused with gel particles and adding with the open technology allows the surface of the bed remain more relaxed and more comfortable.

There are many consumers which prove that Eluxury firm memory foam mattress is the Best! The people who suffer from acne, pain, for example, you will figure out that the superior levels of pressure point reduction can be best achieved from this material. It is also a very comfortable product who sleeps on their sides and backs.

Note: Sleeps cool, Cover is washable, Quality at an affordable price, Maybe too lusty for some, little edge support.

9. GhostBed Mattress [ Firm Memory Foam Mattress]

GhostBed Check Price & Customers Reviews

It is a Ghostbed selected. This is a unique kind of mattress where you can experience a specific firmness level in your individual choice. It allows you to pick from a variety of firmness options. This mattress has five featured layers, they are-

<p “=”” class=” class=” data-css=”tve-u-161ad4e6b00″ tve-droppable”=””>Features:

    <li “=”” class=” class=” data-css=”tve-u-161ad4e6b00″ tve-droppable”=””>2” soft quilted foam with a 1.5-pound density <li “=”” class=” class=” data-css=”tve-u-161ad4e6b00″ tve-droppable”=””>4” gel foam memory foam with a 4-pound density <li “=”” class=” class=” data-css=”tve-u-161ad4e6b00″ tve-droppable”=””>1” Visco foam with a 4-pound density <li “=”” class=” class=” data-css=”tve-u-161ad4e6b00″ tve-droppable”=””>2” Smartflow foam <li “=”” class=” class=” data-css=”tve-u-161ad4e6b00″ tve-droppable”=””>4” edge support base foam with a 1.8-pound density

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 10. Brentwood Bamboo Gel 13 [ Firm Memory Foam Mattress]

memory foam mattress Check Price & Customers Reviews

This is mainly for the low budget shopping. This is a mattress where surprisingly you can afford if you have a tight budget with high quality. This has a cooling technology. The gel beads in the first layer absorb the body heat of yours and with the Airluxe ventilated layer tries to keep the bed at room temperature.

Brentwood Bamboo Gel 13 will be a fascinating choice if people like me can afford at a reasonable price. I personally very much liked it as the combination of the soft cover and memory foam beneath makes me feel so good. Even the level of firmness is so great for my need.

 Note: Cheap at price, makes to sleep cool, Density of the mattress is only 3layers of pcf, lacks edge support.

11. Amerisleep Liberty [ Firm Memory Foam Mattress]

Amerisleep Mattress Reviews Check Price & Customers Reviews

It is for Eco-friendly properties. This is a useful product to use in my perspective. This uses less petroleum and reduces carbon footprints at the same time. To add they introduced zero emissions into the atmosphere thanks to its closed design of chambers. The carbon filters remove the harmful chemicals in the chambers. It also recovers aches and pains like the Bear mattress.

 Note: Easy to clean, no smell, Celliant infused, Sleeps a little warm.

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12. Novosbed [ Firm Memory Foam Mattress]

firm memory foam mattress Check Price & Customers Reviews

This is for value. Money that will be worth investing as it will be the best memory foam option for living. This will be the best support and best cater towards the comfort level of expectation of consumers. The various layers feature the necessary densities to the buyers with expectation durability.

Note: Sleeps cool, no smell, the cover can be washed, Lack edge support.

13. Ameena [ Firm Memory Foam Mattress]

firm memory foam mattress Check Price & Customers Reviews

For those who like to contribute Charitable causes, I would say this would be the perfect pick. They support Habitat for Humanity; one can take pride as they will donate one to a charity or shelter around the country. Their Thermaphase gel memory foam is seven times better reducing heat and gives support to relieve pressure that will make you wake up feeling refreshed.

14. Eve Mattress [ Firm Memory Foam Mattress]

firm memory foam mattress Check Price & Customers Reviews

A mattress to feel firmer. It is made to give a stronger degree of support. You can enjoy the best sleep if you prefer firmer and experience the properties of firm memory foam. This result provides proper spinal alignment without the sleeper feeling. This product features efficient bounce for memory foam product that helps users move around.

TRY to FIND the BEST Memory Foam Mattress for You!

Well, maybe I’m done with suggesting which products to buy, which might be best for you but there are some of my favorites which I bought before. Whatever it takes you should at first research the markets and online shops where you can get varieties of products of your choices. Know your budget is another factor one should acquire.

To choose the best plush bed, you need to think a lot. The user must consider a lot of factor for choosing the best soft bed. Such as, the user needs to make sure the balance comfort and consistency in a way that he/she may able to get support.

Hopefully, we did a great job of helping the user to achieve their goals from this review. The “soft beds” that we have reviewed are particularly convenient because they convey the necessary comfort without putting them back in jeopardy. We believe that from this guideline any bed user can easily pick up their best choice able mattress according to their satisfaction.

But the people who are willing to invest around $2500 or more, then a product like Tempurpedic Cloud Prima will provide the luxury you want of your investment. I have said before you’ll get what you pay for. The more money you spend, the more luxury it gets.

And so, for the athletes out their Bear Mattress will be very effective to reduce acne and pain after working out. I have had a chance to experience it too which gave me an excellent output in the end.These are the products you may try by giving a read to my writing. All the best to you. Happy Shopping!